Polygon Fires Nick Robinson For Flirting On Social Media
Nick Robinson Fired

Polygon employee Nick Robinson has been effectively let go from the progressive gaming news outlet. The news came courtesy of a tweet from editor-in-chief Chris Grant on August 10th, 2017, who announced on Twitter that Robinson was being let go from the publication.

Some people have been asking for proof of justifying the firing, but so far none of it has surfaced.

Even still, Nick Robinson confessed to the allegations levied at him, and conceded that his behavior on social media was unprofessional. Following a lengthy post posted to Twitter, Robinson also stated that he would be taking a break from social media.

Robinson admits that he has been flirting with people online, and apologizes for the acts, writing…

“Over nine years on this website, I’ve used it for every aspect of my life: making friends, finding jobs, and yes, embarrassingly, flirting. This means I have, on many occassions, used Twitter to hit on people.


“[…] I believe that when someone says you’ve hurt them or made them uncomfortable, the right thing to do is not to argue, it’s to listen. What I always thought of as “flirting” can quickly become something more insidious when one of the people is in a position of power. I totally failed to recognize this.”

Robinson apologizes for having made anyone feel uncomfortable and for his advances.

Originally, things escalated for the former Polygon employee when claims came out about Robinson being a predator, and that he was engaging in sexual misconduct. This all happened after he recently criticized the game Overcooked on the Nintendo Switch. The allegations spread across social media and it even began trending. Eventually direct messages surfaced of Robinson flirting with young women who were also flirting with him. However, Robsin’s flirtatious interactions with young women were enough to get him fired from Polygon.


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