Polygon Suspends Nick Robinson Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations
Polygon Nick Robinson

[Update 8/11/2017: Polygon has fired Nick Robinson for flirting on social media.]

[Original article:] Polygon’s editor-in-chief Chris Grant posted a tweet recently indicating that video producer Nick Robinson has been suspended from the video game publication pending an investigation by parent company Vox Media.

The message was posted up on August 4th, 2017 by Grant, following a string of complaints by activists, games journalists and those who identify as part of the progressive media.

This all began after Nick Robinson made an insulting tweet about the developers of Overcooked back on August 2nd, 2017 following a video posted up by Digital Foundry pointing out the game’s performance issues on the Nintendo Switch.

The tweet Robinson made kicked up a number of responses from people claiming that Nick could help the Overcooked developers if he hadn’t been spending so much time in the Twitter DMs of women working in the games industry.

NeoGaf collected a number of tweets from people speaking out against Robinson, putting together a timeline of persecution, as more and more females claimed that Robinson had been a sexual predator in the online space.

Even Kotau’s Gita Jackson chimed in claiming that this happens more often than it’s reported on, mentioning in a number of tweets

“When someone preys on you sexually or manipulates you, or misrepresents situations to gain your consent, it’s hard not to blame yourself. This has happened to me more than I’d like to admit, and each time I return to the refrain ‘I should have known better.’


“If you’re wondering why you never see receipts for some of the gross behavior of powerful [people] in a given field, just think a [little] bit harder.”

The swell of accusations became too much for Chris Grant to ignore, and thus, he made a public statement about suspending Robinson pending the investigation by Vox. This resulted in a chorus of praise for Polygon taking action against Robinson.

For as far as the records show, Nick Robinson was not an avid anti-#GamerGate pundit, despite working for Polygon who is staunchly anti-#GamerGate.

Robinson, however, did catch the ire of Anita Sarkeesian in a previous encounter when he quipped that people enjoyed pleasuring themselves while looking at the voluptuously designed fox character Krystal from Star Fox Adventures on the Nintendo GameCube, a purely mediocre 3D adventure game that tried to be more like The Legend of Zelda than the traditional Star Fox experience. Know Your Meme chronicled the fallout involving Robinson’s comments about Krystal.

YouTuber Netscape also compiled a video of how Robinson was chastised by Sarkeesian for inferring that Krystal was an attractively made character.

This sort of witch-hunting based on unproven allegations is frequent within the Social Justice community. We’ve seen other SJWs such as Sunil Patel lose book deals based on evidence-free allegations, and Citizen Radio’s male feminist co-host, Jamie Kilstein also had to resign following claims of sexual misconduct.

Only a few cases have actually resulted in evidence surfacing regarding these male feminists being legitimately dangerous predators, such as the former NeoGaf moderator Christopher John Goldberg, who had child pornography on his computers, and Matt Hickey, who was arrested and charged for raping multiple women.

In this case, we don’t actually know if Robinson is guilty of the crimes he’s being accused of, but according to the law of Social Justice Warriors, you always “listen and believe” the victims whether or not they have evidence for their claims.

I was unable to reach Chris Grant for comment regarding the suspension of Nick Robinson because he has me blocked on Twitter.

[Update:] New information has come to light, as the first few screenshots of direct messaging between Nick and another Twitter user have been posted up.  The direct messages show an exchange between the two that contains some innuendo. The Twitter user claims that “[Nick] wasn’t the best flirt”. Previously journalists and social justice advocates had publicly advised people on social media not to ask for “receipts” or proof, and that it was a private matter.

Nick Robinson Sexual Harassment

Nick Robinson Harassment

Nick Robinson Sexual Misconduct


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