Reddit Video Enters Beta, Offers Alternative To YouTube
Reddit Video

People have been asking for an alternative to YouTube for ages. First it was DailyMotion but that didn’t last long. Then there was MetaCafe, but it didn’t really kick off so great. Vimeo is still around for those who like content shared by pretentious artisans, but most people just want a legitimate alternative to YouTube without the censorship, blacklists, demonetization and blockades. Well, Reddit wants to challenge the giant with Reddit Video.

Tech Crunch picked up the news from a post made over on the official Reddit website, where the company announced that the new service is entering beta for both desktops and mobile devices.

Reddit Video will support MP4 and MOV files, along with gifs.

This ties into Reddit’s push to further monetize content, which includes videos and images, where they explain in the post…

“[…] we’re excited to announce the extended rollout of Reddit video beta, which makes it easier than ever for redditors to capture, upload, and share videos and gifs with all their favorite communities.


“This launch is a giant step forward in our efforts to bring rich content to Reddit, following last year’s release of native image hosting and our introduction of native video ads earlier this year.”

Tech Crunch makes it known that Reddit was infused with $200 million in venture capital in order to make the video arm of the social media site possible. The video feature originally went into limited beta testing back in June, but now it’s being rolled out across Reddit sitewide for mobile and desktop users in the next stage of its beta.

While a lot of people have been asking for an alternative to YouTube, most probably didn’t think that it would come in the form of Reddit.

One of the big criticisms that the site suffers from is selective censorship,  shadowbans, biased moderating and an overall sociopolitical slant to the way some topics are covered on the site. This included the administrator having the ability to alter comments without users knowing, a heinous act that took place during the controversy after the administrators shut down the PizzaGate sub-Reddit, which happened around the time when 24,000 pedophiles and child porn rings were exposed by hackers but was actively censored by Twitter and Reddit.

Reddit was also under fire for having some of its subs purposefully and actively hiding corruption within the tech industry and game industry, as revealed by leaked moderator logs, and the site has consistently butted heads with the Donald Trump sub-Reddit due to the sub not toeing the political line of supporting Regressive Leftist agendas.

The Reddit Video offshoot will likely end up being operated and administrated very similar to YouTube, but we’ll see how long it takes before they start implementing user blacklists.


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