SJWs Attack Kotaku Writer For Interviewing TotalBiscuit

[Update: Kotaku has issued an apology to the SJWs who attacked and harassed their writer]

[Original article:] Anita Sarkeesian led a social media lynch-mob of textual ravagers against Kotaku writer, Laura Kate Dale. The reason? Dale interviewed popular YouTuber John “TotalBiscuit” Bain a day after August 15th, which some Social Justice Warriors are calling a #GamerGate anniversary, despite the fact that the hashtag was coined on August 27th, 2014 by actor Adam Baldwin.

The drama has been quickly canvassed and collated by Kotaku In Action, where they offer a quick recap of events. Laura Kate Dale interviewed TotalBiscuit for Kotaku on August 16th, 2017. Shortly after the article went up, feminist pundit Anita Sarkeesian who runs Feminist Frequency tweeted out her disgust against Kotaku giving TotalBiscuit a voice.

As pointed out in Sarkeesian’s Twitter feed, painting a target on TotalBiscuit and Dale’s back caused inordinate amounts of harassment to be directed their way.

Dale first attempted to reason with the SJWs who began lobbing criticism and hate their way, writing

“You don’t have to like TB to acknowledge that there are things we can learn from his comment moderation methods. There are things he does that Twitch and YT could learn from and improve things for beginner creators.


“TB is an undeniably large creator. Whether you like him or not there’s value in looking at his methods of community moderation. The number of people accusing me of betraying them, throwing the left under the bus, being a [Nazi] [sympathizer] right now is really upsetting.


“Intention was to show things that work at the top end, and make a point that Twitch, YouTube, etc,. Could help smaller creators if they cared.”

Despite attempting diplomacy for cooler heads, various individuals began harassing Dale, demanding that the article be deleted from Kotaku, to which Dale attempted to control the situation by asking people not to harass the people in the mentions and that it was not possible to delete the article from the Kotaku database, mentioning over the course of several tweets

”[Please] do not attack ANYONE in my mentions. I am trying to handle this. I’m doing a poor job. I’m trying to fix it. Sorry. I fucked up and don’t have the tools to undo it. I can’t say anything to fix it. I’m sorry. I wish I could undo this. Sorry. Goodbye.”

The targeted criticism at Laura Kate Dale for giving TotalBiscuit a public platform at Kotaku came fast and hard.

While Dale opted out of using Twitter following the fallout, TotalBiscuit opted to take aim at Anita Sarkeesian for orchestrating harassment toward Dale, writing across multiple tweets

Alright Anita, I’ve ignored you for 3 years and your fade to obscurity is delayed by me acknowledging your existence, but you’re a hack. Anyone who tells people NOT to read an anti-harassment article with advice on how to combat harassment, is not anti-harassment. As if we didn’t already know. Anita is interested in one thing, milking as much from this industry as possible intellectual dishonesty. She along with her allies have poisoned reasonable discourse for years on the topic of representation in games. @femfreq supports harassment.


“So come at me. You stand shoulder to shoulder with 4chan trolls and bigots in attacking the loud, sane voice in the room. You cannot win.


“When you and your cronies attacked a transgender journalist for trying to combat harassment, you revealed you are only in it for yourself.”

This isn’t the first time Anita Sarkeesian has used her platform to incite harassment. She recently did the same toward Sargon of Akkad during this past year’s VidCon event at the end of June.

What’s ironic is that many of the core #GamerGate disavowed TotalBiscuit after he criticized the #GamerGate hubs for defending someone who attended a recent convention who asked one of TotalBiscuit’s friends “Are traps gay?”

TotalBiscuit had the man thrown out of the convention for asking the question, and those who still identify with #GamerGate claimed that he had turned into a Social Justice Warrior, which was covered in thorough detail by YouTuber Center of Enrichment and Diversity in Geek Culture.

Nevertheless, Social Justice Warriors are still claiming that TotalBiscuit is affiliated with #GamerGate due to his support of ethics in games journalism back in 2014.

Since then, TotalBiscuit has distanced himself from #GamerGate, but Social Justice Warriors have not distanced their hate from him.

Dale, meanwhile, has taken a short break from Twitter.


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