Slime Rancher Official Launch Brings Fixes And Changes Via Version 1.0.0

Way back on December 29th, 2015, Monomi Park submitted Slime Rancher to Steam Greenlight. During the early part of 2016, the indie project entered Steam Early Access, and as of August 1st it has officially left Early Access and is now a complete game. Slime Rancher and v1.0.0 is out now for PC via Steam and Xbox One.

Featured on this very site multiple times comes Monomi Park’s Slime Rancher. As of now, the game has finally reached its final state and brings v1.0.0 to the digital scene for gamers to consume.

The official launch brings a list full of changes and fixes that opt to make the first-person slime simulator that much better. Before jumping into all of the new things fixed and addressed via version 1.0.0, you can watch the newly released trailer celebrating the official launch of Slime Rancher.

Below lies the following fixes that can be seen on the game’s change log for version 1.0.0:

  • Fixed bug sometimes resulting in becoming stuck in the Ranch House when sleeping with Tarr around the Ranch.
  • Fixed bug sometimes resulting in certain fruits and veggies falling through the floor.
  • Fixed bug where Mosaic slimes still produced and managed glints while far away from the player.
  • Fixed some layout issues on the purchase interface in some languages
  • Fixed some layout issues with the Bug Reporting screen.
  • Fixed bug where a spring pad would respond to an echo repeatedly even though it would not launch it.
  • Fixed bug where extractor sounds were sometimes not played.
  • Fixed a gap in the geometry with the Upgraded Lab entrance.

Version 1.0.0 is said by the devs to mark the end of Slime Rancher’s Early Access development. However, this is not the end of the game nor the developers, the game will still receive updates and other content that will extend its life into the future, in which case if you want to learn more about Monomi Park’s development road-map for Slime Rancher you can hit up

Slime Rancher is out now and currently has a special going that drops its $19.99 price point down to $13.39 until August 8th on Steam. Lastly, the game is also available to play on Xbox One.


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