SNES Classic Edition Pre-Orders Open… Again
SNES Classic Edition Pre-Orders

The SNES Classic Edition is now available for pre-order… again. Originally Walmart jumped the gun and blew their load early when they opened up pre-orders for the highly anticipated back during the end of July. Less than a week later, Walmart then had to slyly send out e-mails to those who pre-ordered the console, letting them know that they had to cancel pre-orders.

Well, this time around, there are no cancellations taking place because the pre-orders are official and legitimate, and apparently given the a-okay by the Big ‘N’, ahead of the September launch.

Know Techie took on the painstaking task of actually checking around the web to see who had opened up pre-orders for the SNES Classic Edition, which includes GameStop, Target, Walmart, eBay, Best Buy, and Amazon.

As noted on the site, Best Buy, Amazon and Walmart are already sold out, which should come as no surprise. Meanwhile, GameStop’s site seems to be down due to all the heavy traffic of people trying to get in on the pre-order deals.

The SNES Classic Edition will launch on September 29th at the end of next month. It comes with 21 ROMS, including the original Star Fox 2 for the SNES. What’s interesting about Star Fox 2 is that according to an interview US Gamer had with Star Fox 2 programmer, Dylan Cuthbert, the game was actually finished way back in the 1990s, but Nintendo cancelled it to work on Star Fox 64 instead. Given Nintendo’s aim for quality over quantity, they actually finished QA testing and localizing the game at Nintendo of America, despite canceling it. So this version of the game packed into the SNES Classic Edition is not based on any of the publicly released prototypes, fan translations, or ROM Hacks. It’s going to be based on the true and through original that Nintendo finished back in 1995 but never released.

Anyway, the mini-console will run you $79.99, making it more expensive and featuring less games than the NES Classic Edition. I would say it would be worth it if it came with Super Double Dragon, Earthworm Jim, Super Mario All-Stars, Uniracers and Chrono Trigger but since it doesn’t it’s definitely not worth the price of entry.

For anyone who just wants to collect the SNES Classic Edition just for the heck of it, you can pre-order it now or look to pick up a box starting September 29th in North America.


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