Star Citizen Still Has 68 Major Issues To Fix Before Releasing Alpha 3.0
Star Citizen - Faceware
(Last Updated On: August 26, 2017)

Cloud Imperium Games has managed to sign an agreement to use Faceware in Star Citizen. This is an end-user feature where players will be able to have their faces rigged to 3D characters through a mixture of software recognition for facial traction via a webcam, while injecting the data into the in-game models. This makes it so that players can talk using their own faces via webcam and see their facial expressions and hear their voices through the characters in-game.

While this feature may or may not work so great with all webcams, Faceware has designed a special new 60fps high-resolution camera for facial tracking. You can see a demonstration of the technology below.

Not only can you utilize the face-tracking for talking and bring role-playing to a whole new level. Not only that, you can also use the Faceware integration for real-time head-tracking.

The head-tracking was an automatic step since the world-view models and player-view models share the same data, and since the camera is rigged to the face model of the player, when you move your face around, it tracks the position and also moves the character’s face and head around in the game. So you can use a standard consumer webcam for head-tracking in Star Citizen, without a VR headset.

If you don’t care about head-tracking, real-time end-user face-tracking, or anything to do with Faceware, RSI also revealed a new video for the Origin Jumpworks 600i. You can check out the video trailer for the new vehicle below.

The promo for the 600i was met with a lot of silly comments about the size of the concept model that the engineers were appreciating. But a few people actually understood that the real ship will be a lot larger in the actual game.

The ship looks like a sleek concept ship, so I imagine it will be quite popular among those who have the money to burn for it.

Of course, a bunch of people don’t care about new ships or Faceware. Instead, gamers just want to know when alpha 3.0 will drop. Well, RSI released a video showing Cloud Imperium Games’ progress on Star Citizen’s alpha 3.0 and the blockers they need to overcome before releasing it to the backers.

You can check out the 14 minute video below, which covers what CIG is working on and what they need to fix in order to finally release alpha 3.0 to the public.

Last week it was explained that they had 77 must-fix issues to resolve before the alpha 3.0. They’ve managed to bring down the must-fix issues down to 68. Now it might seem like they aren’t making much progress, but that’s because they fixed 12 major issues but then had three other major issues pop up after fixing the other ones.

This week’s video covers how they have to fix some of the landing gear issues, some of the light maps in the hangars, more falling through the floor issues, and some of the Mobiglas glitches that pop-up when attempting to use it .

Another big issue they ran into is adding lights inside the helmets. They ran into a bug where the lights weren’t attaching to the helper that allows the light to work inside the player’s helmet, and this comes from an issue where they have to pull resources from the DataForge in order to get the light to work. As an entity they’ve been able to easily implement it into helmets, but as an emitter they haven’t been able to get it to render the light emission as necessary.

They may be gunning for a September 8th release for alpha 3.0, but unless they start knocking out 20 major bugs per week, I doubt they’ll make the September 8th deadline, but we’ll see.

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