Stratton Movie Trailer Hits The Standard-Fare Action-Thriller Beats
(Last Updated On: August 4, 2017)

It doesn’t look like anything remarkably special, but Simon West’s Stratton is an action-thriller that looks to hit all the standard beats one would expect from a fast-paced, terrorist-themed action flick.

The film stars Dominic Cooper exercising his chops as an action hero, leading a team of MI6 agents on a mission to stop a Russian terrorist. The terrorist decides to exact revenge against MI6 after they foiled one of his plans, turning it into an increasingly personal vendetta between the main hero and the main villain.

The trailer does just enough to lure us in with a by-the-books plot about a team of good guys attempting to stop a bad guy and his disposal henchmen while attempting to protect London from falling into the hands of a terrorist, sort of like how in real life Germany has been given over to the scum of the Earth in a hand basket by Merkel and the other parliamentary open-border cronies. Anyway, you can check out the trailer below, courtesy of FilmTrailerZone.

I never pegged Cooper for an action hero, but he looks legit here. He seems to know how to handle his hardware and he looks comfortable tearing it up on screen like he’s a legitimate badass. Did I happen to mention that we’re short supply of them these days? Well, we are.

Anyway, Simon West is at the helm of the film and he’s had some highly enjoyable flicks under his belt, from Con Air to Expendables 2 to The Mechanic. He also directed the first Lara Croft: Tomb Raider movie starring Angelina Jolie, back when female heroes were allowed to be sexy, so he knows his way around a character-driven blockbuster or two.

Stratton looks less like a blockbuster and more like a tightly shot mid-budget action flick, which is all good and well in my book.

If you needed a good action-thriller within your periphery for upcoming flicks you’d like to see, keeping Stratton in mind not might be a bad way to go about maintaining your entertainment itinerary. You can look for the British action film to land in a theater starting September 1st, 2017.

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  • Hawk Hopper

    If the Brits can’t even stop a terrorist that was featured on a documentary called The Jihadis Next Door, how are they going to stop a bunch of Russian terrorists?

    (Every now and then, you have to go full McInJosh and act as though fiction is actually reality)

    • GuyverOne

      It’s more like they don’t want to stop them, the majority of the people they arrested after each attach this year where all released shortly afterwards. Seems the British establishment loves those Jihadis.