Tacoma Gameplay Walkthrough And Ending Explained
Tacoma Walkthrough

Fullbright’s Tacoma is available on Xbox one and PC. The story-driven game is only an hour and a half long, and it’s another walking simulator much like Fullbright’s other controversial title, Gone Home. Whether you’re curious about the game before picking up a copy, wanting to avoid paying money for something shorter than two hours, or you just want to see the ending without playing, there is a walkthrough guide available.

YouTuber XcageGame offers up a complete look at the title within the span of just an hour and 18 minutes. You can check it out below.

The game starts with a cargo ship carrying a single passenger named Amy and an AI named Minny. The ship docks onto the Tacoma space station where it’s revealed that the station’s AI is offline and the crew is evacuated.

Once you get up from the chair head to the airlock and open it when prompted.

Grab the AR software you’ll get a brief overview of Tacoma’s AI network via the black guy computer,

You’ll end up in a series of zero-g tunnels. You’ll need to head to the Personnel Module, and you can watch the bio-recorded AR modules scattered throughout the Tacoma station.

Head through the tunnel and take the elevator lift down to the Personnel Module.

E.V. St. James will have a playable module you can view in the room just off the hallway where you’ll need to upload Amy’s datapad to the network.

You can follow James into her private office using the unlock keycode: 1228.

Outside the office you can witness a group conversation about the station running out of air due to an emergency. Inside James’ room you can watch an AR session of her playing a guitar.

While you wait for the upload to complete, you can continue to venture through the station, watching the replays and recovering the AR crew records.

Head to Clive Siddiqi’s office and you can watch a playback that will take you back to the cargo hold. There’s a discussion about how V.T., has restricted network specialist Natali Kuroshenko’s access to ODIN.

You can also scope out a conversation in the gym where Sareh Hasmadi, the medic, explains that spending an extra year on the space station wouldn’t harm them.

There’s a shower AR module you can recover of Natalie, along with a leisure phone conversation with Clive in his personal quarters.

When you get done looking at all of the AR playback feeds, Amy’s data transfer to Venturis Technoogies will be complete.

Proceed back up to the main corridor hub and head to the Biomedical Module.

Open up the AI access data panel to link up with V.T., and then proceed to recover the AR crew records.

The AR crew playback reveals that the 48 hours they have left for oxygen sees them putting together a plan to use the drone cargo drop container as a passenger vehicle to get the crew off the station before oxygen runs out.

You can also find a conversation between Andrew Dagyab, the botanist, and Sareh Hasmadi, where Andrew doesn’t agree with the plan of going into cryo and using the makeshift drone vessel to get back to the planet’s surface. In order to access the conversation you’ll need to get into the maintenance room using the code: 0281.

You can also access Andrew’s quarters where you’ll discover a picture of Andrew with his son, along with Andrew’s gay husband.


Head back through the corridor to the vestibule leading to the examination room where more AR records can be recovered.

Inside the medical supply room it’s revealed that Roberta Williams and Natali are actually lesbians and decide to makeout before finishing the mission. This also verifies that three of the six members of the Tacoma are homosexual.

After viewing all of the AR playback sessions, the data transfer to Venturis should be complete. Grab the data and head back upstairs.

You’ll now be able to access the Engineering Module.

Just like in the other two modules, place the data pad into the wall panel for the AI data access and begin the transfer process to Venturis.

Proceed through Mechanical Engineering to recover the AR crew data.

In order to access the network access hatch you’ll need to use the code: 0809


Proceed into Natali’s office to access the AR playback.

Proceed to Roberta’s room and retrieve her AR playback.

Head out of the room and head through the tunnel to access ODIN’s restricted data information.

Sareh will access a pre-recorded message from a Venturis executive who has a PR message about the death of the Tacoma crew, days before the oxygen mishap took place.

The Venturis corporation sabotaged the oxygen supply of the six crew members of the Tacoma in order to move forward with an initiative to utilize fully automated orbital facilities, so that they wouldn’t have to hire humans anymore and could rely solely on AI to operate their facilities.

You can access the AI cognition module from the Tacoma in the room where Sareh’s AR is located by entering the password: 0451

Return to the main corridor and retrieve the data transfer pad.

Go back up to the main corridor hub and access the AR playback that reveals that the six crew members managed to open communications and send out an S.O.S. Another ship arrived to pick them upahead of Amy’s arrival.

You can exit back to the docking station and install the AI wetware into your ship, where it’s revealed that Amy is part of a liberation front and offers ODIN asylum from Venturis.

TL;DR – Ending Explanation: Amy, the main character, is working with a group known as the AI Liberation Front. A group who believes AI’s are sentient beings and deserve rights. She’s sent to the Tacoma space station pretending to be a Venturis data retrieval operative to recover and wipe the Tacoma’s AI’s memory, known as ODIN. While on board the Tacoma she discovers that Venturis purposefully sabotaged the crew’s oxygen supply and remotely disabled their communications array, all in an attempt to pass a new measure to replace all their human workers with AI in order to avoid accidents in space.

Through augmented reality playback modules, Amy discovers that ODIN helped the crew restore the communications array and send out an S.O.S. The six crew members were saved. When Venturis discovers the incriminating evidence that Amy recovered from ODIN’s memory bank, they threaten her to delete the data, but instead she escapes with ODIN and offers him asylum. ODIN accepts. The end.


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