The Escapists 2 Currently Available On Xbox One, PS4, PC

The Escapist 2

Given all the big news from all the big games coming out or being announced or receiving promo material at this year’s GamesCom event in Cologne, Germany, it’s easy to forget that other games are still being released for platforms this week, including Team17’s The Escapist 2.

The is out now for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC, and it’s set to launch soon for the Nintendo Switch. The RPG centers around attempting to escape from 10 different prisons, with three different transit prisons to escape from as well. Players can also play either local multiplayer or online multiplayer with the co-op modes and the versus modes for up to four players. Multiplayer also supports drop-in and drop-out options, for those who may not be able to stick around for the full escape.

Developer Mouldy Toof Studios also completely revamped the game’s combat system to give gamers something slightly more meatier to sink their teeth into. You can check out the launch trailer below to get an idea of what’s new and what’s improved in the pixelated, prison escape game.

The trailer showcases some of the different prisons you’ll have to escape from, as well as some of the customization features you can use to help make your prisoner look as innocent or as badass as you want, ranging from being Too Sweet to The Sandman.

Additionally, there are more than 300 different customization features available, so no two prisoners should look alike.

The game sports a robust crafting system, with 250 items to either collect, steal or craft, and a variety of different ways to plan an escape, ranging from using jeeps to blast through the wall, to making a getaway on a jet ski, to mimicking Steve McQueen from The Great Escape

There isn’t too much of a risk involved with picking up a copy since it’s only $20. However, I’m sure plenty of people are probably going to wait until the Nintendo Switch version arrives, since that seems to be the thing to do these days.

Anyway, you can currently pick up a digital copy of The Escapists 2 for the PS4, PC and Xbox One. Nintendo Switch owners will have to wait a little while before getting their hands on the game.