The Solus Project Coming To PlayStation VR On September 18th
The Solus Project

Grip Digital and Teotl Studios announced recently that their first-person adventure game, The Solus Project, will be making the leap from PC and Xbox One to PS4 and PlayStation VR starting September 18th for $19.99.

The developers explained in the press release that due to the dearth of survival-oriented story games, they were excited to bring The Solus Project to the PS4, stating…

“As one of the few story-focused survival adventure games, we’ve been anticipating the reaction of the PlayStation fans and are incredibly excited to bring The Solus Project to both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR this September! VR support was an important part of development throughout The Solus Project and it’ll truly be great to see PlayStation fans jump in.”

The announcement about the PlayStation VR version of the game wasn’t just a silo of hollow words and vague promises. They also delivered a trailer, which you can check out below.

Just like the PC and Xbox version, they’re touting 15 full hours of gameplay for the VR version of The Solus Project. Don’t expect to play through the whole thing in one sitting while strapped under your PSVR headset, though. Unless the resolution is as sharp as Catwoman’s jawline from Injustice 2, you’ll likely get ocular fatigue or VR sickness after just an hour or two of playing.

Teotl’s first-person adventure title is actually a follow-up to their game The Ball, which was an Unreal Development Kit project that actually ended up becoming a sleeper hit.

There’s a bit more lore and discovery tucked away inside of The Solus Project, mixing in non-narrative story elements, and survival-style gameplay.

Visually The Solus Project looked pretty good when it released several years ago, and it still seems to hold up. It was definitely a game that was begging for a VR port, but hopefully all of the technical tidbits are ironed out so it’s a right proper enjoyable experience for PlayStation VR owners.

You can look to get your hands on the game starting September 28th for $19.99.


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