They Came From Space, Cloud-Powered VR Physics Game Sports Global Destructibility

They Came From Space

Dave Jones of Crackdown and APB fame, is back once again with a new physics-based title called They Came From Space. He’s working with the cloud-computing development studio Cloudgine, utilizing the cloud-computing technology to help with the upcoming multiplayer title for PC and VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

The upcoming title is a 10-player shooter set within a 1950’s style space-invasion scenario. According to Maurizio Sciglio, the CEO of Cloudgine, the whole theme behind the game is to reintroduce cloud-based gaming to the industry with something lighthearted and fun, saying in the press release…

“Game development has been long awaiting a drastic change-up – a new technology that can truly expand possibilities and allow developers to super-charge their projects with unprecedented levels of compute power”


“We created They Came From Space to give developers a clear, fun idea of how powerful Cloudgine’s cloud-based physics, rendered at 90fps, really is. And believe us when we say that this is just an introduction into what Cloudgine is capable of – there’s so much room for continued innovation with our platform and there is so much more coming beyond physics that it’s, frankly, hard to imagine how far talented developers will push it.”

The announcement was accompanied by a reveal trailer, which you can check out below.

Now just to describe how the game is played… it’s actually really unique: Rift or Vive players will control the giant alien overseers and will attempt to destroy the opposing overseer.

You can see how the overseers can destroy the city and wreck everything around them using lasers and their wobbly hands.

The physics engine is actually quite impressive, and the whole city collapsing due to the destruction is long overdue for today’s gaming.

It’s also possible to pick up collections of debris and throw it at opponents.

The other eight players will occupy the aerial craft, in an attempt to destroy the opposing mother ships and the overseers.

The only thing that would make the game even more fun is if it were like Earth Defense Force, and some players could occupy ground troops. It would also add a whole new dynamic to the city being blown to smithereens while running through the streets.

Anyway, it’s tough to tell what sort of longevity a cloud-based multiplayer game would have on the market, but I doubt it would be any different from standard free-to-play titles out there. Anyway, you can learn more about They Came From Space by visiting the official website.

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