Titanfall Online Closed Beta Pre-Registration Is Live… In South Korea
Titanfall Online
(Last Updated On: August 3, 2017)

Nexon, Nexon GT, Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts announced that closed beta pre-registration has officially opened up and will be open between August 3rd and August 24th in South Korea.

The pre-registration period will end on August 24th, at which point the limited closed beta testing will begin on August 24th and will run through September 13th. The news was spotted by Nikkei analyst Daniel Ahmad, who informed his Twitter followers about the news.

The news is actually corroborated by a post over on the official Nexon website, where they breakdown the rules and dates for the pre-registration period and closed beta test set to take place for Titanfall Online.

Now if you’re planning on skipping the rules and applying for the CBT even if you don’t live in South Korea, they have a few measures in place to keep foreigners out. You will need an authentic mobile phone for certification, and if that method does not work they require you to contact Nexon’s South Korea help desk through the help forum.

They will be hosting a questionnaire for users ahead of the start of the closed beta, as well as answering questions on the Facebook page. There will also be giveaways hosted through their social media accounts as well.

You can snag a look at what the game is like with the gameplay trailer below, featuring some of Titanfall Online’s online PvP.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like Titanfall 2’s style of gameplay is present, but maybe with a few updates and tweaks it’ll be added in at a later date?

Nevertheless, if you want to try to register and play Titanfall Online, you can attempt to do so by visiting the official registration page.

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