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KoF Animated Series

SNK Corporation has been releasing animated episodes for King of Fighters, featuring a retelling of the Fatal Fury series that eventually leads into the King of Fighters. The name of the series is called The King of Fighters: Destiny.

As of the writing of this article, SNK has released three episodes so far, starting with the first 20 minute episode that sets up the story. You can check it out below.

The first episode went live on August 9th, 2017 earlier this month. The first episode starts with Mature commandeering a convoy of black crystals.

We then switch over to Kyo and his dad, where Kyo, Benimaru and Goro take the KOF invitation and head for South Town after Kyo’s dad gets pussy-whipped into staying behind and having to help clean up around the house.

Kyo and Terry meet for the first time, albeit briefly, while they’re traveling through the airport. Terry’s bro powers ignite’s power envy in Kyo, who becomes awe-struck.

We then get a flashback showcasing how Terry’s dad, Jeff Bogard bites the dust at the hands of Geese, which then concludes the first episode.

The second episode starts with Terry and Andy tending to their dying father after Geese uses his raging arts to rape the life out of their dad.

We then zip back to the present day where Terry promises to avenge his daddy’s death after visiting his grave site.

The scene then zips over to Ryo, beating the crap out of some goons.

Ryo chases the goons to Geese’s tower, where he meets Geese’s bodyguard, Billy Kane. Billy, Benimaru and Ryo get into a threeway fight.

Kyo and Goro eventually break up the fight, and Geese tells his henchmen to leave Ryo’s dojo alone. The episode rounds out with Heidern piecing together the fighters and the location on a bulletin board.

The third episode is really short, featuring Kyo on a quest to find Terry, and both Terry and Joe getting into a bit of a bar brawl after Terry meets Angelina.

Episode 4 has now gone live and you can check it out below.

Episode 5 is live, featuring a backstory of Geese Howard and his rivalry with Krauser.

Episode 6 has arrived, featuring your first look at Mai Shiranui in the series, along with more of the developments involving Orochi.

Episode 7 is now available, covering more of the relationship between Terry and Angelina. Check it out below.


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