Weekly Recap Aug 12th: Google Vs James Damore, Polygon Bends To SJWs
Weekly Recap

This was a major week in news when it comes to SJWs taking a fair amount of victories. In the Google case, James Damore published an anti-SJW memo, pointing out that women just weren’t biologically acclimated to handle stress, tech jobs, or management positions like men, and he backed it up with facts to point out why women just don’t excel in STEM fields like men. Despite offering some solutions to help women compensate for being biologically inferior for the tasks at hand, Google decided to fire Damore instead.

Polygon was another company bending the knee to Social Justice Warriors. They received complaints that Nick Robinson was flirting with women using his personal account, and they made it known that that was not okay, firing Robinson for flirting online. SJWs definitely picked up some victories in this edition of the August 12th, 2017 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Anti-SJW Manifesto Wrecks Google’s Rectum

A bullet-point manifesto made by a fed-up engineer at Google sent an internal letter to employees calling out how the diversity agenda and SJWism is ruining the work atmosphere at Google, especially with the Regressive Leftist tactics of silencing all those who oppose them and stomp out all those who don’t adhere to the church of SocJus. Sure enough, SJWs within Google were calling for the engineer to be fired, and threatened to leave if swift actions weren’t taken. Middle-Earth: Shadow of War’s microtransactions have led to a lot of backlash from people who are tired of being fleeced by publishers from $60 games. A new live-stream for No Man’s Sky has a lot of people questioning if some new story content is inbound. And famous actor William Shatner was attacked by SJWs for publicly reproaching them for attempting to conflate their social outrage with the civil rights activists from the 1960’s.


Google Fires Employee For Anti-SJW Memo

Penning a manifesto pointing out the cult of Social Justice Warriors was enough to get one engineer branded and exiled from the cult of SocJus, and now he’s considering suing Google over the firing. More rumors about No Man’s Sky and update 1.3 have surfaced, giving some fans some hope as to what they can expect from the upcoming update. The Super Smash Bros. clone called Brawlout is actually coming to the Nintendo Switch this fall. And Horizon: Zero Dawn’s DLC will take Aloy to the Frozen Wilds starting this November… but that’s not all! The futuristic cave woman heroine also was used by Guerrilla Games as a symbol to support gay pride. That managed to get enough people on both sides of the political spectrum riled up.


Polygon Fires Nick Robinson

Polygon has fired content producer Nick Robinson… why? Because he was flirting with women via social media. Yes, in the world of Social Justice, flirting is a crime. Cliffy B might be back but his game certainly isn’t. Lawbreakers managed to do little more than capture the dwindling attention gamers moving on toward better and more popular games, barely able to pick up 2,000 concurrent players, making it worse than Battleborn. And there’s a new book that has appeared on Amazon offering a more truthful view of the #GamerGate saga called Inside Gamer.


Brothers In Arms In Full Development

Gearbox Software is currently hard at work on the newest Brothers in Arms game, but one has to wonder if the game will be anything remotely as good as the other previous Brothers in Arms titles now that Gearbox has gone full SJW? No Man’s Sky has officially been updated to include the long awaited multiplayer mode, along with a bunch of other fixes for the game that gamers have been requesting. We also have up a review of Sudden Strike 4 for the PlayStation 4, so check it out if you’re interested in an action-RTS for the PS4. There’s been a minor delay for one of the most hotly anticipated games due out this summer for PC called Wild West Online… but don’t worry you won’t have to wait long. Sadly, Super Mega Baseball 2 is not so lucky and will be delayed all the way into 2018.


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