Weekly Recap Aug 19th: Kotaku Becomes Apologetic Feces Of An SJW Ouroboros Bowel Movement
Weekly Recap

This was a bizarre week when it came to both gaming news and the ongoing ridiculousness known as the Culture Wars. Blizzard pitched in their lot with the Regressive Left, opting to start hiring in minorities and women specifically, but they claim it’s not to hit diversity quotas… it’s just to hit their “inclusiveness” quotas.

Kotaku was really on fire this past week, first daring to host an interview with TotalBiscuit about anti-harassment measures. This backfired, however, as both their writer and TotalBiscuit were harassed by the rabid followers of Anita Sarkeesian, when the feminist pundit set loose her followers on them like sharp-fanged, foul beasts from the rancid pits of “progressivism”. The really bizarre thing about it is that Kotaku apologized to the SJWs who attacked and harassed their writer. It’s like a poltroon store owner apologizing to a bunch of prison-bound gang rapists for leaving their victim, his child, bloodied and traumatized in the middle of his store’s parking lot.

Anyway…. to cap off this weird week, the EFF took time out of their busy schedule to stand up for the free speech rights of the Daily Stormer after major hosting organizations attempted to push the extremist site into the dark web. We’re dealing with some strange times in this August 19th, 2017 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Blizzard Diversity Initiative Gets Underway

Blizzard is following in the footsteps of Google, putting diversity and multiculturalism ahead of sound business strategies and common sense. The company will be looking to make diversity hires based on the criteria that the individuals are women and minorities. The long awaited beta test for Peria Chronicles will soon get underway, just before summer wraps up. Conan Exiles for Xbox One will be censored in North America and won’t feature dangling dongs or big floppy udders like the European version, which will have and support full-on nudity. Capcom gets shown up by Namco and the sales for Tekken 7, which is already set to eclipse Street Fighter V within the span of just two months. And there’s an interview with James Desborough about his recently released book about #GamerGate called Inside GamerGate, which covers the media lies, the sociopolitical misdirection, and a lot of the nitty gritty that took place during the height of the hashtag.


Google Instates Blacklist For Free-Thought Content Creators

If you’re an anti-SJW content creator on YouTube, prepare to be blacklisted. Several prominent anti-SJWs have been making videos about Google instating a blacklist on YouTube to auto-demonetize content creators. Timesplitters: Rewind is still in development but things haven’t been going that great, as a lot of roadblocks and setbacks have held up the project, along with dealing with the CryEngine. Twitter has taken yet another step closer to becoming the Ministry of Truth, after permanently banning Sargon of Akkad on the grounds of abuse, but they’ve refused to provide any proof. Ghost in the Shell: First Assault is set to shut down this November in Japan. Nexon didn’t say why, but most people guessed why. And Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni on Steam has been banned in both Germany and Australia.


SJWs Attack TotalBiscuit And Kotaku Writer

After interviewing TotalBiscuit about harassment for Kotaku, writer Laura Kate Dale was digitally attacked by Social Justice Warriors. Due to Crackdown 3 supposedly being “super ambitious”, Microsoft decided to delay the game into 2018, apparently upgrading all of the game’s core gameplay aspects. Speaking of delays… the Xbox wireless adapter for Windows 10 has been delayed all the way into early 2018 for North Americans, signaling a lot of groans and moans in the process. And on the subject of even more delays… Battletech has also been delayed into early 2018. The god of delays was really doling out justice this week. And Atari has partnered with LGBTQutie in order to signal boost their virtue signaling of LGBTQ support.

Kotaku Apologizes For SJWs Harassing Their Writer

Yes, you read that right. Kotaku has apologized for SJWs harassing one of their own writers for interviewing TotalBiscuit about how to stop harassment. There are quantum paradoxes less complex than the Social Justice moral nucleus, but that hasn’t stopped companies like Polygon and Kotaku from riding the autistic train down the oscillating bowel of retardation and into the septic tank of virtue signaling. Google will be updating Chrome soon to flag websites that have text inputs on the page but aren’t upgraded to https servers. With Battlefield falling way off the rails lately, what do you think they could do with Battlefield 2018 to restore some player confidence? And Reddit has put their video service into beta, hoping to compete as an alternative to YouTube.


EFF Reproaches Google, GoDaddy For Censoring Neo Nazis

We’ve entered into a strange time, folks. A time where a frontier foundation who found themselves chastising #GamerGate by not looking into the facts, but running to the defense of Neo-Nazi website, The Daily Stormer, after Google, GoDaddy, the Russians and CloudFlare all attempted to wet-blanket the website out of existence. An English translation of Mega Man ZX Prequel is in the works, and scheduled to release soon… assuming Capcom doesn’t hit them with a C&D. The progressive SJW website Mic has laid off 25 members of its staff as it attempts to pursue video content. And Capcom finally fixed Chun-Li’s face after repeated complaints about the thunder-thighed cop getting the fugly treatment in Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite.


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