Weekly Recap Aug 26th: More Male Feminists Outed, Google Turns Up Censorship Spree
Weekly Recap
(Last Updated On: August 26, 2017)

Blacklists, shadowbans, search filters, query throttling, and limited state exposure are terms that you would expect during a fictional conversation that two characters would have talking about information access in a world themed after Orwellian principles… right? Wrong. All of that technobabble is an actual reality in our current day society, and Google has been utilizing out-and-out antitrust violations in order to institute their own monopolized version of information control to keep you under their thumb and operating as a good little Lemming. And the real sad part about it? Absolutely none of that is hyperbole.

But Google’s blacklists and censorship sprees haven’t been the only thing making headlines. More male feminists have been outed as not quite living up to the standards they preach about online. Two more have been cast down from their oh-so-glorious social media ivory towers, including Avengers’ director Joss Whedon, who seemed to have lived a double life as an agent provocateur in the dark confines of his salacious Hollywood career; something that was exposed and dragged into the daylight like a farmer using a shovel to dump a giant pile of cow manure into an open field to fry under a hot, midday sun. These stories and more in this August 26th, 2017 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Joss Whedon, Male Feminist Falls

Joss Whedon’s ex-wife outed him for being the scoundrel that he is. The “male feminist” was exposed for using the third-wave social activist movement to do what most guys use it for: to get a taste of that poontang pie. Whedon got dragged through the mud, and rightfully so, because it turns out he’s no different than the Pussy Grabber of the United States of America. Jurassic World: Evolution is set to arrive next year for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Pre-orders for the Xbox One X were also detailed during GamesCom, including the new limited edition Scorpio. And yet another game was removed from Steam for being labeled as a “porn” game, this time it was Strangers in a Strange Land.


Harmful Opinions Permabanned By Twitter

It was bound to happen, but more of the wrongthink brigade on Twitter have been silenced forever on the social media platform. It was recently revealed by the content creator and sociopolitical pundit that he was permanently suspended on Twitter and it was for a crime against someone that Twitter couldn’t even verify exists. Pre-orders have opened up once more for Nintendo’s SNES Classic Edition, but most of the retail outlets have already sold out. Gwent is becoming a bona fide e-sports competitor, and they have plans on getting the season underway soon for 2018. Square Enix is also bringing Final Fantasy XV to PC starting in early 2018, which isn’t anywhere near as surprising as most people might think. And the modded version of Super Mario 64 featuring two-player online co-op has become available on PC.


Another Anti-GamerGate Critic Arrested For Harassment

An angry feminist has complained to police that former games journalist and anti-#GamerGate critic Stuart Campbell had been harassing her for two whole years, prompting them to arrest him. He claims he’s innocent; feminist claim he’s guilty. In a world run by SJWs, you listen and believe the victim, even when they’re a compulsive, ungrateful, whale-beast of a liar, so according to Campbell’s own ideology, he’s guilty as [email protected] Canada’s government has added a bunch of conservative websites to an advertising blacklist, preventing ads from Canada’s government and its affiliates from running on those sites. We have up a review of Sonic Mania for those who are still unsure about purchasing the game. And Japan is starting to succumb to SJW feminists after they pulled an ad because some complained it was too “sexist”.


Google Finally Puts The Clap On SJW Websites

Left-leaning SJW websites have just been hit with the equivalent of a censorship venereal disease, preventing them from mingling with others and forcing them out of Google’s search queries. Expect mass hysteria as their sites begin to fade from relevancy as Google’s AI bot wipes them off the face of the search engine. Meanwhile, expect stock prices for salt corporations to skyrocket. EA has come to the defense of Mass Effect: Andromeda, claiming that it didn’t deserve a lot of the hate that it received. Some new mods for Fallout 4 add K-Pop attire to the game, assuming you’re into that sort of thing. Square Enix is digging deep in their well and pulling out a 16-bit SNES classic as a 3D remake starting next year when Secret of Mana arrives on PS Vita, PS4 and Steam. And there are some instructions on how you can get in on the Dragon Ball FighterZ beta for the Xbox One and pS4.

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