Weekly Recap Aug 5th: Polygon Sexual Harassment Controversy, Marvel’s Feminist Agenda
Weekly Recap

The Marvel Entertainment video game branch has fully embraced their “Feminist Agenda” by adding in the Mockingbird character to Marvel Puzzle Quest featuring her highly controversial t-shirt that reads “Ask Me About My Feminist Agenda”, with the executive producer and designers using Twitter to egg on fans who don’t agree with their sociopolitical agenda regarding feminism.

Polygon’s Nick Robinson ended up getting lambasted on social media after claims of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct popped up regarding the video producer. Polygon quickly responded by suspending Robinson pending a full investigation by Vox Media. Oh yeah, and YouTube’s new Limited State policy will allow them to hide videos, turn off comments, and remove user ratings from videos that don’t violate their content policy, but are videos that their new AI deems as being “extremist” and “supremacist”. These oh-so-startling stories and more in this August 5th, 2017 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Marvel Puzzle Quest Embraces Their Feminist Agenda

The Alex Mauer case finally took a somewhat decidedly turn for the better, insofar that River City Ransom: Underground has been restored to the Steam store. However, there was a major drawback insofar that the developer’s YouTube account was terminated due to multiple copyright strikes filed by Mauer. Capcom wants to bring more games to the Nintendo Switch after they had a surprising success in the form of Ultra Street Fighter II. Russia will be censoring their internet starting this November by banning the use of VPNs, as well as forcing chat apps to require phone numbers in order to ID people. OhNips, the artist who made the gender bender fan art for Dream Daddy, curtailed her defiance and apologized to the SJWs after being sent death and rape threats. Danganronpa V3 has been banned in South Korea on the grounds that it could negatively influence both adolescents and adults. And Marvel is diving back into the SJW pool with their feminist agenda” for Marvel Puzzle Quest.


YouTube To Censor Videos Even If They Don’t Violate Content Policy

YouTube’s new Limited State policy for video content is designed to limit the amount of access users have to videos that they deem “supremacist” and “extreme”, going as far as removing them from recommendation lists and blocking them from being rated and commented on. They’ll also be setting up reeducation playlist for content that they deem as “fake news” using this new policy. In other news, Granblue Fantasy‘s artwork was censored by Cygames in the English version. The developers acknowledged that the artwork has been changed but didn’t explain why. Slime Rancher has also officially graduated from Early Access.


Capcom Issues DMCAs Against Street Fighter 5 Modders

If you’re selling mods as a premium for Street Fighter V featuring copyrighted content, be prepared to get hit with a DMCA notice by Capcom. If you live in South Korea you can beta test Titanfall Online for free at the end of the month. The Nintendo Switch will get its first serious racing game in the form of a mobile port called Gear.Club Unlimited. And Transformers: Lost Light has gone full SJW, implementing trans Transformers on the Autobots side… because of reasons. On the upside, at least Sega revealed some of the special stages for Sonic Mania and they look sweet.


Polygon Throws Nick Robinson Under The Bus Following Sexual Harassment Claims

All it took was some die-hard autists at NeoGaf and the Twitter Inquisition to get the ideological motors chugging along and one of their former internet darlings, Nick Robinson, has become a typical lynchpin in the cushion of Social Justice martyrs. Polygon editor-in-chief Chris Grant suspended Nick Robinson pending a full investigation by Vox Media. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will be introducing a Social Justice Warrior into the show named Isis, and she’s a Muslim who will be fighting against the ideological likes of Donald Trump. The WNBA will be added to NBA Live 18, giving gamers an opportunity to play female basketball players for the very first time. Some new story elements and quests are rumored to appear in the upcoming No Man’s Sky 1.3update. Kojima Productions also released some new footage for Death Stranding highlighting some of the photorealistic effects they’re making use of with the Decima Engine. And the Transformers have gone full trans by having two Autobots transition their gender in order to further push the trans movement in today’s society.


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