Xbox One X Is Fastest-Selling Xbox Pre-Order, Says Microsoft
Xbox One X

Microsoft is always quick to boast about numbers that don’t matter, and silent about the numbers that do. This time, however, the company wasn’t shy in sharing the news about the Xbox One X being the fast-selling Xbox console ever, when it comes to pre-orders.

The news rolled out over on the Xbox News Wire, where corporate VP of marketing for the Xbox brand, Mike Nichols, explained in a blog post that the pre-orders for the most powerful home console due to debut this fall has seen lots of units being shifted on the pre-order front.

Nichols explains…

“Within just a few days, we saw record-setting sell-out times and are currently sold out in many countries around the world.


“You, our biggest fans, have pre-ordered more Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition consoles in the first five days than any Xbox ever.”

They sold out of the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition already; product moved fast.

The thing is, we have no idea exactly how many units they’ve actually moved. There’s a lot of fluff and a few quotes about how fast the pre-orders sold out globally, but that doesn’t really give us any indication at all about the actual numbers.

We knew from the start with the Nintendo Switch that Nintendo had 2 million SKUs heading into launch. They managed to sell through 2.74 million SKUs by May.

Ahead of launch, Microsoft hasn’t really given us any figures about the Xbox One X. This means we’re heading into the launch this November blind.

There’s also a bit of a mysterious cloud looming over the Xbox One X when it comes to actual demand.

We don’t really have much of a gauge on how much people really want it because Microsoft hasn’t really given us any hard figures to go by.

I suppose the biggest issue setting back the Xbox One X isn’t anything to do with the hardware or price, but mostly to do with the lack of software. There are no Xbox One X exclusives, and simply upscaling some older games with higher resolution or cleaner anti-aliasing isn’t really enough to convince people to take the dive. Even still, being the fastest selling Xbox when it comes to pre-orders isn’t the most amazing feat given that the vanilla Xbox One was shunned like the plague due to all the DRM that was announced for it, and the Xbox 360 came out during a time when pre-orders weren’t the biggest thing, and the OG Xbox was Microsoft’s first console. So yeah… not a super huge feat, but a feat nonetheless.

You can look for the Xbox One X to launch starting November 7th later this year for $499.99.

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