YouTube Preemptively Censors Interview With Inside #GamerGate Author
YouTube Censors GamerGate
(Last Updated On: August 20, 2017)

James Desborough, the author for the recently released book Inside GamerGate, was set to partake in a live-stream interview on YouTube with content creator Giovanna Laine. However, YouTube preemptively censored the interview by striking Laine’s account with a community guideline violation… before the live-stream interview even took place.

Laine tweeted about the incident on August 19th, 2017, informing the community about the censorship and screen-capped YouTube’s automated response about the video being removed before the interview even took place.

As noted in the tweet, the community strike was handed out three hours before the live-stream went live.

Laine believes this was part of YouTube’s automated algorithm, which was in response to a likelihood of mass reports being sent out from those who stand against #GamerGate, usually Social Justice Warriors.

SJWs, or Anti-#GamerGate activists have been consistently using censorship and de-platforming as a means of preventing the public from even learning about the event, other than what they want the public to know about it, such as the highly biased and evidence-deficient entry on Wikipedia. They also used these same tactics when #GamerGate organized an event at the Society of Professional Journalists’ Airplay event in Miami, Florida, where bomb threats were sent in to disrupt the event to prevent people from being able to talk about ethics in media journalism, as reported by Reason.

In the case of Laine, as you can see in the screenshots below.

Over on Laine’s YouTube Channel, the copyright status is good but the community guidelines status has dropped a notch due to the automatic flagging.

Some believe that Laine’s video was so easily flagged by the system and removed before the interview even took place due to Laine’s “political views”, which can be gathered by Google’s machine learning AI through tags, video descriptions, video titles, and comment sections (when applicable). If you look at Laine’s YouTube page you’ll notice that there are various videos about #GamerGate that don’t directly condemn it, as well as text descriptions that don’t align with Google’s preferred sociopolitical stance. In one video the description reads…

“CNN (Clinton News Network? Cosa Nostra Network?) has exposed their lack of journalistic ethics. The Main Stream Media (MSM) is corrupt. I recommend independent media like The Humanist Report, The Jimmy Dore Show, Empire Files with Abby Martin, etc.”

Descriptions like the one above could be used to flag Laine’s account. Many others have been reporting similar flags, sometimes even on innocuous content.

YouTube’s AI doesn’t just flag accounts based on what new material is added, but based on old videos, descriptions, titles, tags and comments as well; it’s an all-encompassing algorithm, which is why some YouTubers such as Raz0rFist automatically has his videos demonetized by YouTube, even if they do not breach any of YouTube’s content policy regulations.

Raz0rFist claimed that this was a form of a YouTube blacklist. Many other YouTubers have also been reporting identical situations happening to their accounts as well. A Google document was put together, containing a list of tentative keywords and tags that the AI has been using to flag accounts and add them to YouTube’s “blacklist”. If your account is added to that blacklist, it effectively means that content may automatically become ineligible for monetization.

This isn’t a policy or feature that has come out of left field, though. Google announced that they would be cracking down on “extremist” content on YouTube. Although, they used far less draconian terminology, calling it a Limited State content policy. The policy went into effect earlier this month, following a notice on August 8th, 2017.

In the case of Giovanna Laine, live-streams are no longer available and are restricted from being used on the account due to the community strike. So the live-stream interview with James Desborough is no longer possible for the time being. Nevertheless, Desborough’s Inside GamerGate book is still available for purchase as an e-book over on Amazon.

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  • Markus Heiler

    Google needs to stop doing evil. It does not matter whether it is Skynet’s AI that is doing the censoring or Larry Page or Sergey Brin personally doing the censoring – it is wrong to censor people in a dictatorship-like world run by Google.

    This does not say anything about the content itself. I am not interested in GamerGate whatsoever, I honestly do not even know what it is about nor will I read up about it. Censorship is simply wrong – shame on Google becoming more and more evil every day.

    PS: Skynet 1.0 at the least had some class; Google’s Skynet has no class at all. It’s just rubbish “AI” – there is no “intelligence” here. It’s dumb bots and dumb algorithms pestering and abusing mankind.

    • This does not say anything about the content itself. I am not interested in GamerGate whatsoever, I honestly do not even know what it is about nor will I read up about it. Censorship is simply wrong – shame on Google becoming more and more evil every day.

      Ironically enough, one aspect of #GamerGate was for media to stop using their platforms to enforce censorship in the gaming industry .

  • Ben (Broken)

    James is one of the smartest nicest guys I know. Literally the kind of guy you could trust in a pinch and he wouldn’t back-stab or gut ya. I also feel his pain. As an illustrator & writer myself on the establishment’s “bad people radar” I know for a fact it would be difficult promoting or advertising my works without immediately being shut down.

    There’s a huge chunk of game developers,artists,musicians,and writers who got metaphorically muzzled just for siding with GamerGate. (Which is so fucking silly. All this fuss over people rightfully wanting ethics in game journalism.) Luckily some creators are so good at what they do they can still give a finger to the thought police and still do fairly well but I imagine they’d do even better without the constant condemnation and attempts to wipe their works/names from all search engines/social platforms.

    Likewise feel lousy for Liviana who had a perfect pristine reputation right up until she decided to do an interview with James.Poor lass seemed to get “shut down” even before everything was finished. That’s some elite tier Orwellian KGB gulag shit right there!

  • They dropped the slogan “Don’t be evil.” Now people are surprised?

    Businesses are controlled by people and people are fallible. Being good at business does not, Does Not, does not make you good at life and certainly not worthy of affecting others as broadly as this.

    This is no doubt an example of algorithmic growing pains, but their primary responsibility as responsible People is to prevent harming others directly, not to prevent debatable, hypothetical harms by others (even if they haven’t happened yet).

  • I checked through my 99+ videos and the demonetized ones were interviews with people who disagreed with the Left and/or political correctness.

  • Rebel Lucy

    I honestly find this suspicious.
    A live-stream by a completely no name person is removed almost a week after being announced before even starting in a way we’ve never ever seen content removed before and of all people to do this to, they start with the extreme hard leftist who’s content solely consists of talking about Star Trek and how much they hate Republicans and Trump.

    If its an auto-flag what content did it flag based on? Title? If so why’d it take almost a week to figure it out.

    If its people, who? She has no reach and to my knowledge didn’t post the video anywhere and I’m pretty sure the autism that is GG would have found some brigading on Ghazi if they were to blame.

  • AlecJ

    Youtube has crossed the Rubicon into an overtly political site. It no longer is merely a platform for speech, but a pusher of certain speech and a silencer of voices which do not fall within its agenda.

    As a private company, it has a right do do this, and as long as we continue to accept their standards it will.

    We must take our business elsewhere. Until Youtube is hurt in a substantial way by its blacklisting and demonetization efforts, it will ignore all pleas for change, anyway. I see no reason to support a place we arent wanted, even if they institute policies which are slightly less ridiculous, though.

    Its time to pick an alternative and migrate en masse.

    Really, all it would take is one big time personality, to start the exodus. Its difficult to coordinate smaller channels, but with the right signal boosting, it could be done.

    Maybe there already is a primary alternative….i am just unaware of it…..

    Bottom line, Youtube is only going to grow in power & influence as long as we play along…..and its obvious they are using that influence to quash sanity in favor of all things cultural Marxism.

  • PizzaWolf

    It’s all about control and silencing what google doesn’t like. They have the dominant platform of the day and they are going to swing their hammer at anyone who disagrees with them simply because they can. This nakedly authoritarian structure is so blatant it makes the liquor turn in my guts. The problem is that there are too few and too specific people being targeted by this, so the average person doesn’t care that it’s happening. Free speech is being chipped away bit by bit by these fucking “progressives.” I’d rather call them statists. It’s so slow and gradual that no one notices before it’s too late, and that’s by design. You can see that it’s all done by a machine so google gets to sit back and shrug their shoulders at any criticism.

  • Mr.Towel

    What’s even worse is that all of this is just a part of their larger Divide & Conquer operation.

    What they are planning to do is to drive their political adversaries away from Youtube. Why? Because if their political opponents are out of mainstream environments then they can be much more easily ostracized and eliminated from public discussion. You can paint them with a “fringe” brush and people will never take them seriously anymore. They will become “alien lunatics” and all their ideas will be painted with the same fringe, lunacy brush, to never have a voice inside mainstream culture.

    If you simply get pissed off and move to another platform permanently, you’ll be playing on their hands.

    What to do then?

    Stand your ground
    Don’t leave Youtube. You might even change what’s your main video platform but do not leave youtube. Continue uploading your videos there, continue to give attention there. Doesn’t matter if your videos are being demonitized or shadowbanned. Continue there, pester them. Not only dispute every claim, but make it known to everyone what they are doing, mockingly show their true nature to the word, so people can feel the disgust at their action and feel threatened by them. “First, they came for X and I did not speak up…”

    Conquer other territories
    Youtube is enemy territory now. All other major platforms are also enemy territory, but not as aggressive. Make use of that. Start using twitter, reddit and specially Facebook to spread your word. To link your videos on alternative platforms (and youtube). Proselytize about alternative social media platforms for when you inevitably get banned.

    Facebook should be your main focus. Because traditionally facebook is a social media for intimate networks: family and friends. When you start to speak up in there, the Anti-freedom people will act on their hate and start to implement algorithms and features to block you out, the same they’re doing on youtube. But the difference will be that because facebook is for family and friends, it will be impossible for an automated algorithm to NOT massively hit normies in collateral damage. As normies get hit, the normies will get angry, they will start seeing those policies for they truly are, against freedom. The normies will start putting pressure on this narrative and search for guidance elsewhere.

    Divide & Conquer Them
    Soros and others use this strategy because it is effective. But you also need organization on your side to make it work.

    If you create chaos on their side, they can’t organize as well and will have a deficient output. So… create confusion back at them. The same tactic they are using.

    Organize groups to mass flag their content.

    For example, choose a video where they’re saying blacks need affirmative action and flag it as racist for saying blacks can’t do shit on their own, racist for saying they need to cheat, they need a leg up, racist for assuming black people are dumber and therefore need looser rules.

    Mass Flag the video and all of its related content. The algorithm will start hitting them. it will create brief chaos, so google will be forced to make a whitelist, a list of people the algorithm ignores. As they do it, not only point it out, but spam their comment section about why you’re still flagging their content, why what they are saying is racist, fascist, and how they’re being protected by big daddy. Point corruption. They will have to spend more energy trying to defend themselves to have time to organize an offensive.


    Just leaving youtube will not be enough, it’s a strategy for doom, it’s exactly what they want. More important than leaving youtube, is exposing the naked king to the world. Make people perceive the monstrosity they’re looking at. Don’t go over the edge, for that will be perceive as a cackling nature, just calmly show them for what they are and let people make the connection on their own, a Socratic Method.

  • Kiryu

    And yet a terrorist group like Antifa is allowed to have their own YouTube channel.

  • anopolis

    well…damn…thats some clear cut blatant censorship right there….soo….google. believes in free speech how exactly?? burn their damn house down, cause that shit is jacked up..this is how you fall goog….this is how it happens…you let the weak and stupid in and they infect you…oh well…never liked you anyway…had to use you cause i hate apple…and I really really hate bing.

  • ThyPancakeConsumed

    Unsurprising really, i am just waiting until my favorite music genres and certain channels gets moved from youtube to somewhere else. Or maybe i should close youtube acc.

  • Jack Thompson

    I just wanted to watch videos about how I just wanted to play videogames.

    • Elilla Shadowheart

      Yeah well, I guess now we can start arguing that anti-trust legislation be used against them. They seem to be begging for it.

      • Markus Heiler

        It would be about time. I do not trust the US authorities though, they are a corporate clone at this moment in time yet paid by the taxpayer.

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    That’s amazing and fucking retarded. Youtube is so shitty now.

  • Okay, what they really did there is incredibly the most moronic thing that they’ve ever done. Censoring a content that has something to do with GamerGate is an absolute pure violation of free speech, a thing that YouTube wants to benefit real nicely for everybody, but they had to be extreme hypocrites and silence those that oppose their viewpoints by some kind of algorithm thing. Talk about what GamerGate is really all about rather than just slander it as a “hate ‘n’ harassment” group as the whole media sees it? Silenced. Talk about the faults of the Left? Silenced. Talk about the faults of the Right like everybody else on the Internet? Praised like you’re a superstar. Call out on the radical feminists who whines and moans about everything that made their feelings sore like a butt rash that resulted in unnecessary changes? (Not sure that actually happened, but I think it could) Silenced to Hell. I bet not too many people are aware of this kind of stuff that YouTube’s pulling, or they would not care. If too many people are aware enough to see what’s YouTube’s been doing, then they would call out on their extreme hypocrisy left and right.

  • tajlund

    And thus the totalitarian plan to silence all dissent proceeds apace. If you can eliminate it before it is even posted, then no one can hear anything against their version of the “truth”.

  • VersVlees

    So I guess this Google AI is like minority report except instead of preventing in real life crimes it reports thought crimes.

    The limited state content policy is working and it is surely unbiased like the twitter trust and safety council. (I swear to god who names these things, don’t they even have a clue how fascist sounding these titles are?)

    • I swear to god who names these things, don’t they even have a clue how fascist sounding these titles are?

      Dude, these sound like free-thought capitalist ideas compared to China, North and South Korea’s municipalities: The Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Family Values, the Ministry of Arts, etc.

      Each of those do exactly what you would expect them to. The Ministry of Culture in China oversees the “10 rules of Censorship” that all local and foreign media must abide by before being distributed publicly.

      Korea’s Ministry of Gender Equality and Family is responsible for those militarized “reeducation” camps that kids are forced into if the government suspects they’re “addicted” to video games.

      One kid who was forced into one of those camps (I think it was in China) went through the reeducation program but still had a desire to play games. Much like in a Clockwork Orange the idea is to force kids to feel bad about desiring video games. Since the kid couldn’t knock his addiction he cut off his arm. Not even joking.

      • VersVlees

        Well to be fair these countries are not exactly shining beacons of democracy and freedom.(yes even best Korea) It would be weirder if they would not have departments like that.

        The treatment of games addiction is pretty harsh though, what can you expect from nations like that? I love the whole moralistic video games are bad angle they use to justify these draconian measures. It makes you wonder why they get “addicted” in the first place?

        • It makes you wonder why they get “addicted” in the first place?

          Video games or suicide.

          A lot of those kids hate the pressures put upon them by society. The constant forced requirement to excel or be considered a failure, as well as the restrictive and limited aims of “happiness” offered in life makes them just tune out and indulge into video games.

          • Bitterbear

            And that kid makes things worse. The Chinese (or East Asians in general) worship aesthetic perfection above all else. He could have been the next Steve Jobs but because he cut off his arm, he’s become a pariah and is doomed to suck dick at an alley because no one will hire him.

          • he’s become a pariah and is doomed to suck dick at an alley because no one will hire him.

            Suck dick and make rice.

      • Markus Heiler

        And what does any of this have to do with Google’s censorship, Billy? What the hell do we have to care about what China’s cowardly one-state party is doing or what the fat slob in North Korea is doing censoring his worker slaves? These are all very bad things, but it has nothing to do with Google censoring people at will for arbitrary, made-up evil reasons.

  • s_fnx

    We really need a new alternative to Hebrewtube.

  • Vrenna

    This is a declaration of war.

    • Where have you been? The left declared war long before my birth in 1971.

  • Feli Aslan
  • durka durka

    So lets see if i got this, people flaged a non vide, youtube reviewed the non existant video and found it was against their guidelines. What was against their guidelines Gamergate discussion? But youtube is full of it. How on earth can you not talk about GG when the mainstream does al lthe time. Is this what they see as extremist?

    So they gonna censor us and we suppose to accept it and move on with our lives? Especially with those orwellian tactics. So this is how its gonna be from now on? Just like sargon of akkad twitter ban despite he was fighting the alt right for 3 days straight. She is on the left godamn it, who watches the humanist report on the right of the political specrtum. So what are they gonna do now? Ban the lefties who are not left enough? Is this how its gonna be from now on? The irony is that we wont even know it, they gonna make them dissapear when they are starting out, jordan peterson style.

    • Markus Heiler


      The biggest irony is how Google’s Skynet censors a video THAT WAS NEVER MADE NOR SHARED.

      Shows you how dumb Google’s Skynet algorithm is.

      • Shows you how dumb Google’s Skynet algorithm is.

        It’s not dumb if it’s intentional.

        Google is intent on curbing “wrongthink”.

  • Disqusted

    Same old, assholes covering up the blatant corruption and bullying/slandering innocent people. Can’t wait for the sewer to be drained. Some day.