A.O.T. 2 Focuses On Second Season, Coming To Nintendo Switch, PS4, XB1

Coming out of the Tokyo Game Show this past week, Koei Tecmo announced that A.O.T. 2 is currently in development for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Steam and Nintendo Switch. Release dates, specs, and gameplay features were all mum from the publisher for the moment, but they have plans on dropping all the important details within the next coming weeks.

It seems kind of odd to roll out an announcement at TGS 2017 but then fail to actually announce anything significant other than that a big announcement is coming in the next few weeks. It’s literally part of that retarded new marketing strategy to announce announcements for announcements.

Beyond the circular logic of tail-eating-snake principles, Koei Tecmo also reminded gamers about the teaser trailer for Attack on Titan 2 that they revealed back in August.

The press release also notified gamers that the sequel will feature improved omni-directional maneuver gear, also known as 3D gear. The improvements will supposedly grant players with more freedom in how they navigate stages and get around the Titans.

The combat variety in the first game was actually met with some fairly receptive criticisms from the gaming community, so hopefully Koei doesn’t tweak it too much or break it and make all the fans angry.

Additionally, they revealed that the story for Attack on Titan 2 will be focused on the second season of the anime that has aired for Stateside. This was accompanied by a key piece of promotional poster art, which you can check out below.

Attack on Titan 2 - Key Art

It features two big naked Titans ready to get it on.

Graphically the game looks about par the course with the first game, with a few more comic-themed shader tweaks made to give it more of an anime look to match the cartoon.

In the previous announcement they revealed that A.O.T. 2 was scheduled for a 2018 release, so we at least know that it’s coming next year. This time around, however, Nintendo Switch owners will get to join in on the fun. For more info don’t hesitate to visit Koei Tecmo’s official website.


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