Agents Of Mayhem Sales Failure Forces Volition To Lay Off Employees
Agents of Mayhem

Volition Software had to bend the knee to capitalism after Agents of Mayhem underperformed. The company recently announced that they had to let go of 30 of their employees.

PC Gamer is reporting that following the abysmal sales of Agents of Mayhem, Volition announced that they had to make layoffs.

Out of the 200 employees, 30 of them were laid off, including general manager Daniel Cermak.

The game has sold absolutely horrible since its release on August 15th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Just to give you a gauge of how well the game didn’t sell, Steam Spy shows that the game only moved 31,000 copies on PC, which is abysmal.

Sales data beyond the PC version have not been revealed but it was pretty obvious that it was just a completely vanilla game that was attempting to ride Social Justice to a payday. However, someone really should have informed Volition that gamers hate Social Justice Warriors.

Agents of Mayhem - Romance

Agents of Mayhem was a typical Soros-sponsored story about diversity, multiculturalism, and token caricatures.

They had the typical tough black lesbian engaged in an interracial same-sex relationship with the white dispatcher named Agent Friday. One of the other lead characters hooked up with a black cyborg, as depicted in the image above, and each of the characters seemed to be designed to be as obnoxious as possible who were little more than a manifest of progressively-stacked check boxes.

Combining the diversity agenda – which stood head and shoulders above all other aspects of the game – with the fact that there wasn’t any decent gameplay worth the $60 price of entry, and it quickly became apparent that Volition was attempting to cash in on the wave of SJWism that has completely overtaken the AAA gaming industry. Much like other studios who have seen their sales tank attempting to cater to SJWs – such as Mass Effect: Andromeda – it’s becoming more and more apparent that as studios put Social Justice Warrior propaganda above making good games they will continue to shrink, lay off employees, and lose sales.

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