Alamo Drafthouse Receives Harsh Criticism For Rehiring Anti-#GamerGate Critic Devin Faraci

Devin Faraci GamerGate

[Update: Devin Faraci has resigned again following the public outing of another sexual harassment claim]

[Original Article:] Alamo Drafthouse CEO, Tim League, has rehired Devin Faraci as a copywriter and to help with various other duties at the movie theater chain, Alamo Drafthouse. The news did not go down well with anyone with passing knowledge about why Faraci was fired in the first place.

In October, 2016, Faraci was accused of sexual assault. The claims of sexual misconduct were later corroborated by online content creator Bob “MovieBob” Chipman. Alamo Drafthouse CEO, Tim League, had Faraci step down from his position at Birth.Movies.Death, the online movie website that the theater chain owns.

Well, The Hollywood Reporter is now reporting that League has rehired Faraci, and the public does not seem pleased with the news.

League’s reasons for rehiring Faraci are as follows…

“A culture of sexual harassment and gender inequality persists in our society and specifically within the film industry, and much work remains to fix this problem. By engaging in dialogue about these issues, and by holding people responsible for their actions, we can begin to bridge the gap between where we are now, and where we need to be. Without question, sexual misconduct is impermissible. The question is whether there is any path to redemption, and if so, what that path looks like. […]


“[Faraci’s] departure from Birth.Movies.Death meant losing his job, his livelihood, his career, and his place in the film community, but Devin has started the work to rebuild himself first with the understanding that all else is secondary. Seeing the work that Devin has been doing to acknowledge his faults, to address his addiction, and to better himself, I thought it was important to contribute to his recovery process by helping him with some means to earn a living.”

Redemption for the staunchly anti-#GamerGate critic and former male feminist was not something the online community thought that Faraci was worthy of at the moment. There are a number of people across the political spectrum, the writing sector, and the film industry who are disgusted with League for rehiring Faraci, with feedback ranging from tepid frustration to outright rage. Various journalists, screenwriters, and filmmakers chimed in with their two cents:

There aren’t many (or any?) positive remarks about Faraci making a return to Alamo Drafthouse. Even the comment section on the Hollywood Reporter article contains plenty of invectives against Faraci and his behavior.

Faraci, for those of you who don’t remember, was one of the leading voices back during the early days of #GamerGate, where he wrote disparagingly against the gaming industry and gamers, and came down hard against the consumer revolt across a number of articles. It was sweet schadenfreude for a lot of gamers when they found out that Faraci was out of a job for due to allegations of sexual assault.

Faraci joined various other male feminists who were also either fired or jailed for sexual assault or rape, all of whom were also staunchly anti-#GamerGate. A pattern was quickly formed that revealed that many of these male feminists who opposed ethics in journalism had something deep and dark hidden away in their past (or in the case of Matt Hickey, the very recent present).

Tim League, however, is asking for people to forgive Devin Faraci and to help him in his journey of redemption, where he states…

“Human beings make mistakes, and when they acknowledge those mistakes and embark upon a journey of personal improvement, they deserve forgiveness. If, god forbid, I somehow find myself in a similar place down the road, my hope is that my actions up until this point have warranted others to offer the same help to me.”

Faraci, as mentioned, is now writing blurbs for the Fantastic Fest festival guide and doing copywriting for the chain.