Cat Girl Visual Novel Uncensored Patch Available For Download
Cat Girl Uncensored Patch

SakuraGame and Dream Kaki’s House’s Cat Girl recently landed on Steam. The visual novel is a cheap $1 VN that’s currently on sale for 40% off during the first week, so you can grab a copy for only $0.59.

While the VN may be cheap, the feedback hasn’t been the most positive, mostly due to the fact that it’s short, poorly translated, and there are some complaints about censorship. Well, leave it to the community to provide a solution for a problem they didn’t create.

Cat Girl’s censored CGs have been replaced with the original uncensored versions thanks to a mod that’s available for download right now. Steam user Mars.666 posted up a thread and instructions on how to install the uncensored patch. You can download the CatgirlPatcher.rar from

Proceed to extract the patcher containing the CatGirlPatcher.exe into the game’s main director, and then run the patcher. That’s it.

A lot of gamers are thankful for the uncensored patch following negative reviews about the game being censored.

The story centers around a cop named Ginka who arrests criminals by day but straps on a tight leather outfit at night and attempts to fight crime as the Silver Cat. When she happens upon the mansion owned by Kurobara, a notorious dominatrix with a fetish for deadly sex traps, Ginka finds herself in the perilous clutches of Kurobara and the lascivious machinations of the dominatrix.

The visual novel is only around three hours long, and it offers a couple of different endings depending on your choices.

The visual novel features lots of BDSM-style encounters, so if you’re not into whipping, bondage, wax play, suffocation, and electric shock, you’re probably not going to find yourself too drawn to this particular title.

You can get a glimpse at what some of the artwork and backgrounds look like with the launch trailer below.

The biggest complaint about the visual novel from the few people who did pick it up was that the rabbits are an awful form of censorship that’s worse than the pixelation or mosaic censorship. Now that the uncensored patch is available to download, I wonder if some of those reviews with frowns will turn upside down?

If you’re interested in the mature-themed Cat Girl visual novel, you can pick up a digital copy of the NSFW game from over on the Steam store page.


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