Destiny 2 Campaign Gameplay Walkthrough
DEstiny 2 Gameplay Walkthrough

Destiny 2 has arrived for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The sequel to the 2014 sci-fi shooter brings all new adventures to the table, along with a new enemy in Ghaul, new enemies to fight, new weapons to collect, new loot to plunder, and new levels to grind, which also includes all new microtransactions as well. If you need a gameplay walkthrough to help guide you through the basics, a few have popped up.

After a brief introduction about the Traveler, Earth and the role of Guardians, the game has a cinematic showing Ghaul’s forces attacking the city, with Commander Zavala and the others being overrun by the enemy forces.

At the start, you can choose between three character classes and three race types, including humans, exos and awoken, along with their hair color, hair style, markings and face shape. Once that’s done and the cinematics are out of the way, you’ll enter into the destroyed tower where you’ll attempt to meet up with Cayde-6. Kill the enemies throughout the tower as you move through the tower, as depicted in the walkthrough video below from MKIceandFire.

Make your way through the city, taking out the Red Legion forces. When you meet up with Zavala, one of your first main goals is to defend the tower so the civilians can make their escape to the evacuation centers. Take position at the tower and defend against three waves of Red Legion forces.

After defending against the waves of enemies, make your way through the plaza and meet up with Ikora. You won’t have to waste time trying to find the Speaker like some sort of fetch-quest noob. Nope. Instead Zavala will want you to unleash your inner-Rambo by blasting your way through the city center like an American gunmen on a rampage and make your way to the ship so you can hitch a ride and make a one-Guardian assault on the command ship.

Destiny 2 - Voidwalker Skills

The next segment involves storming the Red Legion, taking the fight to them in a segment called The Immortal: Command Ship.

It’s a direct play out of the Master Chief playbook and feels identical to the opening of Halo 2.

You can briefly check your stats and skills, but it doesn’t matter because you don’t get to keep them.

Once you take down the shield generator you’ll face off against Ghaul, who will be the living crap out of your character and throw them off the command ship.

After another cinematic you’ll have to slowly made your way through the ruins of the city. Follow the linear path set before you. Struggle-walk your way to the broken-up Ghost, who will restore a bit of your health and give you a poor man’s story about the Light being gone.

Keep following the path until you make your way out of the city and into the wilderness. The game will repeatedly remind you that if you die you can’t be resurrected, so don’t act like a ignorant scrub on parole who thinks it’s wise to rob a store just after getting out of the slammer. Be smart like those ex-cons who get their GED and try to land a job at the local grocery mart. Avoid fights where possible and kill any bad guys that rear their heads, but don’t try to be a hero.

Destiny 2 - Twilight Gap

The Twilight Gap is basically about following the linear path and killing the baddies while taking whatever supplies you can get your hands on.

Follow the pathway around the ridges and through the cliff-side until you reach the cinematic, which will introduce you to Ghaul and his male-friend.

Destiny 2 - Ghaul and his Man-Friend

Once you finally get back into the game and have the option to scour the Farm, go talk to Tyra Karn who will give you a gift.

You’ll also receive a mission from Suraya Hawthorne and the ability to use her jumpship to go on your first mission. Simply open the map and click on Earth and press “Launch” to start your first mission.

Once you take the ship to the location, head through the crack and follow the nav marker into the cave across the busted up ridge.

Inside the cave there are a few scavenger Fallen you’ll face off against. Kill them and keep going until you get to Quarantine Sector 236: Blackened Forest.

You’ll find a chest with a new weapon inside, take it if you want. The shotty that Hawthorne gave you during the cinematic will work well enough for the Fallen scrubs.

Continue falling the nav marker through the Blackend Forest.

You’ll face off against increasingly difficult Fallen, including some with some hefty shields. Take out the minions first otherwise they’ll attempt to flank you and use the rocks as cover to pepper away your shields and kill you. Don’t let them get around behind you. Once you complete that segment a short cinematic will play and you’ll regain your Light powers, but not the common ones from the first Destiny.

You’ll unlock a new sub-class for the Warlock, Titan or Hunter.

The next segment involves utilizing your new powers and and experimenting with the new supercharged abilities.

Rape the remaining Fallen members with your new powers and you’ll then gain a level-up.

After you complete the noob mission you’ll finally unlock co-op play and PvP play via the crucible.

You can enter into the Crucible via talking to Lord Shaxx.

Destiny 2 - Lord Shaxx

Once you get done diddle daddling on the Farm, Hawthorne will have another mission for you out in the Trostland.

The mission involves going to aid her male-meat in the abandoned city. Simply follow the markers to meet up with Devrim Kay at the EDZ.

You’ll need to take out a few of the Fallen and head inside the church.

The fake Sean Connery-wannabe will have a mission for you. Go down and pick up the rocket to start the mission. Proceed to look at the banner with the Fallen’s sigil on it.

Before the mission really gets going, you’ll have to locate a chest and get some loot inside, and then go look at some symbols in the church.

After being a muse for Devrim’s tour-guide antics, you’ll finally receive a real mission, which involves venturing into the tunnels to fight some fallen and make your way toward the Atrium.

Kill the Captain at the end of the tunnel, take his loot like a good robber baron, and then leave his dead body and go back up to the church like you actually did something worthwhile and pretend you didn’t just go into a dude’s home, beat the snot out of him and steal his stuff all while his minding his own darn business.

You can open the map and select the church and use the new Fast Travel to zoop back to the church if you don’t feel like actually playing the game and walking back to Devrim.

Get the signal booster and and start the Calling Them Home mission by grabbing the item just outside the church.

Put some of the signal amplifiers around the area to complete the mission. Simply follow the nav markers to place the amplifiers down in the white circles on the ground.

You’ll get a taste of your first Sparrow ride after securing the area, and will have to journey up the mountain to secure the area.

Once the area is secure, reinforce Hawthorne’s signal, clear out more of the Fallen and then proceed to the next mission, Poor Reception on the map. You can take out a baddie on a Sparrow to commandeer the ride and then head to the mission location.

You’ll need to defend the signal antenna once you locate the source at the top of the hill overlooking the highway.

After defending the antenna, the feedback source will need to be located. You need to head into the cave and proceed down into the depths. Take out the Fallen, and bypass the barrier; kill the captain and head further into the base where you’ll need to stop the feedback at the top of the Fallen’s structure.

Once you complete the mission head back to the EDZ to turn in the missions and meet Hawthorne at Trostland.

Make your way through the caverns and to the top of the mines after you take on Hawthorne’s next mission. You’ll continue to fight the Fallen along the way.

Proceed into the Salt Mines and make your way past all the traps. Follow the pathway until it’s time to meet back up with Hawthorne.

Once you complete the mission you’ll receive a beacon from Zavala allowing you to travel to Titan, where new missions will be unlocked.

On Titan, you’ll start on a dock out in the middle of the water. The mission Hope will require you to reactivate the control center on the abandoned station.

The Hive will have overrun the supposed meeting point, so you won’t have backup or help. You’ll have to make your way up the massive structure. Use the double jump to get across the platforms and melee your way through the broken platforms and scattered railings leading you up toward the control center.

A bunch of Thralls will have invaded the area. The enemies attack in swarm patterns, so rapid-fire weapons will be key for getting through the area relatively easy.

When you make it to the Sinking Docks you’ll face off against Acolytes, who will do more than just swarm you.

Follow the nav points through the vertical turbine opening and back out onto the platforms. You’ll have to fight a mixture of both Acolytes and Thrall; take them out and head up to Bay 3.

Throughout the halls there won’t be a whole lot of cover but there will be pillars and walls you can use to pick off the Acolytes who will attempt to use flanking maneuvers on you.

Take them out and proceed through Siren’s Watch toward the control center.

It’s a wide open area once you step out and you’ll have to fight some more of the Hive before you reach the sacs you’ll need to destroy.

Once you get rid of the sacs, move up to the control center and clear out the remaining Hive.

Be careful coming out onto the upper deck. There are Knights around the area who will give you a pretty tough time. If you’re Super Charged, now would be a good time to use it.

Once you clear out the remaining Hive, Zavala and Sloan will meet your character on the landing platform as a short cinematic will play.

Destiny 2 - Riptide

The next mission involves turning on the power to the station. Riptide requires you following the nav point to the power restoration switch.

Simply move along the pathway until you encounter the Fallen and the Hive duking it out on the platform.

Once you get to the control room and turn on the wave converters, you’ll then have to go fix the giant pistons that seem to be about as reliable as Dick Cheney’s pulmonary arteries.

When you get out onto the bridge leading to the pistons, don’t be afraid to use the bridge anchors for cover fire; pick off the aerial enemies first before taking out the rest of the Fallen.

Up ahead there are more cursed Fallen. Take them out and jump your way across to the platform in order to get the pistons repaired.

You’ll need to repair two of the converters.

Just blow off the Hive gunk from the converter and then move across to the next platform.

Once you clear out the two converters, make your way toward the central control platform. There’s a couple of Wizards you’ll need to defeat before you can flip the power switch back on. You’ll find the switch covered in more Hive gunk. Simply clear it out and activate it to complete the mission.

Proceed to the platform across the control station to activate the the mission Utopia.

You’ll need to secure a golden age CPU in order to use it to activate the transmission signal so that the humans can intercept the Red Legion’s communications.

Break through the wall after killing the enemies and move through the right of the main concourse and follow the enemy Hive until you begin to traverse deeper into the heart of the facility.

The nastier it gets, the closer to your objective you are.

As you move through the Hive nerve center, there’s a sub-boss you’ll have to face off against coming out of the Festering Halls.

So keep your super charged abilities on hand for that.

When you get into the access tunnels you’ll have to shoot off the gunk and break open the vent to proceed. It may not look like you can break through the vent, but you can.

Move through the vent and then jump down and then follow the nav point toward a Hive cocoon in the wall; break through the cocoon and it should lead you through a ventilation access that will take you to the outer core where the CPU is located on a platform. Hop down on the platform below and then jump across to get the CPU.

Head through the tunnel and hitch a ride on a tank to round out the mission.

Once you complete the mission, you’ll unlock the next adventure on Nessus.

Looped is the name of the next mission. This involves seeking out Cayde-6.

You’ll find the signal being broadcast from the wrecked ship. Interact with the Failsafe and then move across the surface toward the nav marker that will take you into the Vex’s Hallows.

When you get inside and interact with Cayde-6 trapped in a teleportation loop, you’ll have to fight an onslaught of Vex.

This is probably a mission best done with two or more people, but if you decide to go at it alone, back up and use the vertically protruding structures as cover fire to pick off the Vex that will advance on your position.

Once you finish killing the Vex, head further into the tunnel system and use the platforms and rocks along the walls to get across the cliff and down into the next segment.

Another fireteam of Vex will greet you. Again, fall back to cover and pick them off one-by-one.

If you attempt to fight them head on you will die and will not be able to resurrect.

Hop down into the chasm, and follow the path toward the Vex portal gate. It will take you to the
Well of Giants.

When you get to the Hapax boss, don’t not stand and fight it head on. Head backwards toward the rock structures behind you. There are various Vex troops there and you’ll need to kill them first before you can defeat Hapax.

A sniper rifle or rocket launcher is key for the boss, and you can only hit it in between its shield rotations. Once you clear out the other Vex troops, proceed to battle and kill the boss.

The next segment, called Six will require you to hop around over the organic but dangerous Vex fluids. It’s like a river of radioactive STDs flowing out of the vagina of robotic enlightenment.

Speaking of radioactive fluids… once you get through the caverns and scattered patrols of Vex, you’ll encounter the Pools of Luminance.

You’ll need to kill waves of Vex before you can proceed up through a small tunnel and take the teleporter device that can free Cayde-6 from his nonlinear teleportation displacement loop.

Follow the nav point to the Glade of Echoes where you’ll encounter a Gate Lord Vex mecha.

Take out the Fallen and the Vex fighting each other in the surrounding area and make your way to Cayde-6.

You don’t have to kill them all, just destroy the Gate Lord. Aim at the open core on his stomach to do massive damage. He’ll teleport around the battlefield, so just follow him to his location and kill hm hard like Bruce Willis.

Once you get through the barrier make your way through the Exodus Black, and take out any of the remaining remnants of the Fallen or Vex forces who stand in your way.

Alternatively, if you just need to zip through the main story missions and you aren’t entirely concerned with following a set pattern or seeing how to complete each missions in succession, there’s actually a full video walkthrough in one single playthrough covering Destiny 2’s main campaign from start to finish in just under 10 hours. You can check it out below from RabidRetrospectGames.


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