Destiny 2 Ending Explained
Destiny 2 Ending Explained
(Last Updated On: September 9, 2017)

With Bungie’s Destiny 2 out and about for the Xbox One and PS4, a lot of gamers have been putting in game time and playing through the story; others don’t care about the story and just want to shoot things. Many who beat the game – or those who haven’t beat the game –  may want a quick rundown of the story and the ending just to get a quick recap of everything that happened. Well, you’re in luck because this article will give you a brief overview of the events that occur throughout the Destiny 2 main campaign.

The game starts with Dominus Ghaul and the Red Legion utilizing a blitz attack on Earth, catching the leader of the Guardians, Zavala, off guard. The blindsided effort enabled the Legion to quickly take over the Guardian’s tower, capture the Speaker, and put the Traveler in some bondage gear.

Many of the Guardians are killed after Ghaul strips them of their light and attempts to forcibly harvest light from the Traveler.

Destiny 2 - Riptide

The player’s Guardian meets up with a few survivors after getting their butt kicked on top of the tower in a pitiful fight against Ghaul. They manage to escape through the mountains and establish a base camp at the Farm. The player’s Guardian also manages to get the Light back after interacting with a shard from the Traveler located in a forbidden zone.

After helping Hawthorne and a few other human survivors fend off attacks from various enemy forces, Zavala calls for help while located on Titan. The outpost on the planet was supposed to be a rallying point for the few remaining Guardians, but they were ambushed by the Hive. The last remaining Guardian of the light arrives just in time to remove the Hive infestation and then proceeds to go find Cayde-6 at Zavala’s request.

Destiny 2 - Cayde 6

It turns out that Cayde-6 managed to escape Ghaul’s onslaught on Earth but his ship was attacked and he ended on a centaur named Nessus, trapped in a Vex teleportation device. The Guardian rescues Cayde-6 from his Vex and Fallen pursuers, and also proceeds to help out a corrupted and schizophrenic AI named Failsafe.

Failsafe and Cayde-6 help the Guardian locate Ikora Rey, one of the other original Guardians who fought alongside Zavala. The Guardian makes their way to the planet Io in an attempt retrieve Ikora, who ends up having a difficult time coping with the loss of her powers.

DEstiny 2 - Ikora

Nevertheless, the Guardian and Ikora discover that Ghaul is attempting to control the raw energy from the void and turn his army into an unstoppable group similar to that of the Fallen or the Hive. They also find out that Ghaul is using a weapon called the Almighty to destroy the sun.

Ikora and Guardian plan to return to Titan to inform Zavala, but first they end up helping Asher Mir, a researcher also located on Io. He uses the Guardian to help survey data on the Almighty –
Ghaul’s star eater – in order to find ways to stop it. They discover through the Warmind that destroying the Almighty will also cause the sun to become destroyed, and so they are unable to destroy the Almighty outright, and instead must first disable its weapons from the inside.

Destiny 2 - The Almighty

In order to deal with Ghaul’s increasingly dominate forces, the Guardian seeks ways to row stronger, including answering the beckon of a corrupted, fallen shard located in a forbidden zone.

After getting strong enough, the Guardian reunites with Zavala, Ikora, and Cayde-6. The trio work out a plan with a sniper named Hawthorne in order to commandeer a Cabal ship to sneak back into the city and use Cayde-6’s Vex teleporter in order to get close to Dominus Ghaul. The team also devise a plan to subdue the Almighty, Ghaul’s star destroyer. The Guardian of the light doesn’t offer any input, and is basically a mute who gets bossed around the entire time.

Anyway, during this time, Dominus interrogates the Speaker of the Traveler, attempting to discover how to become the chosen and eventually ascend into the light.

Dominus actually postpones using the drill to forcibly siphon the energy from the Traveler through the use of the Void. He becomes fascinated with the Speaker and fascinated by the Traveler’s will. Dominus’ Consul, however, wants him to simply take the raw energy from the Traveler. Dominus becomes conflicted.

Destiny 2 - Dominus Ghaul

Meanwhile, the Guardian grounds a Cabal carrier and nabs the key codes to access the Almighty. The Guardian and their fire team manage to infiltrate the Almighty and take out the weapon.

Zavala, Hawthorne, Cayde-6, Ikora and the last remaining Guardians launch an all-out assault on the city where the Red Legion and Dominus Ghaul are located.

The assault fails, and the Cabal utilizes barriers to divide and conquer the assault team. Cayde-6, Ikora and Zavala manage to make it to a rooftop to setup the Vex teleporter in order to get to Ghaul, but they end up getting ambushed, with Cayde-6 losing his right arm and left leg, and Zavala taking a strike to the chest. The Guardian of the light makes one last push to the rooftop where Zavala and the others are located, and uses the Vex teleporter as a last ditch effort to get into Dominus Ghaul’s compound and face off against him… again.

In order to face the Guardian, Ghaul attempts to use the power of the void, but is defeated instead. In his defeat, Ghaul transcends his mortal form and attempts to makes his case to the Traveler. However, the Traveler breaks free from the cage and destroys Ghaul.

Destiny 2 - Ghaul's Ascension

In the aftermath, while the Traveler is free from the Red Legion’s trap, it is damaged and fragmented. Zavala and the other survivors look on at the Traveler before the credits roll.

In an after credits scene, the Traveler spreads its light throughout the galaxy… and just before the screen fades to black, the light moves over an ominous structure on the outer reaches of space. Instead of embracing the light, the structure absorbs the light in its vacuum of darkness.

Destiny 2 - The Void

TL;DR:  Ghaul comes out of nowhere, pimp slaps all the Guardians down and puts the Traveler in bondage gear, removing all the powers from the Guardians. The player Guardian manages to get their light back thanks to shards of the Traveler scattered about the Earth, and recruits the other main characters so they can launch an assault against Ghaul and his star eater known as the Almighty. The player Guardian manages to blow up the Almighty and then raid the tower where Ghaul is located and beat his butt like he stole your grandmother’s walking cane. Ghaul is happy because he ascends in the light and becomes immortal, but the Traveler gets so pissed off it breaks out of its bondage gear and pimp-slaps Ghaul so hard with the light that he evaporates.

Oh, and in a post credit scene a giant pyramid ship is seen brooding in a dark corner of space, indicating that the rest of the main campaign will continue through DLC.

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