Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider Endings Explained
Dishonored Death of the Outsider - The Outsider

Arkane Studios’ standalone expansion Dishonored: Death of the Outsider  for PC, PS4 and Xbox One finally wraps up the story arc involving the Outsider from the first two games. The supernatural entity that endowed the main protagonists from Dishonored and Dishonored 2 finally has all the nitty gritty details revealed in the Death of the Outsider. Unfortunately, you won’t be playing as one of the original characters in the story arc, Daud, but instead you take on the role of Billie Lurk. Through Lurk’s one good eye you eventually find out how the Outsider became what he was, and the fate that befalls him one way or the other.

The game starts with Billie explaining how she meet Daud – how she was nothing but a riff-raff beggar on the street who eventually became an assassin under Daud’s tutelage. The old man was known as the “Knife of Dunwall”, and the duo became infamous throughout Karnaca. Eventually Billie betrayed Daud, she lost her arm and her eye, and then found herself helping Emily and Corvo throughout the events of Dishonored 2.

Following Emily’s retaking of her kingdom from the usurpation of Delilah, Billie is overcome with regret and sullenness, but decides to finally make amends for her crime of betrayal by finding and freeing Daud.

She manages to track her former friend and longtime assassin down to a fight club run by a cult known as the Eyeless.

Billie uses her wits and skill to infiltrate the club and machinate a plan to free Daud from the Eyeless’ captivity. After doing so the duo meet back up on Billie’s boat, the Dreadful Wale. Daud, for some reason, is dying. Before he passes, he sets upon Billie one final task and one final act of repayment: kill the Outsider.

Dishonored Death to the Outsider - Billie Lurk

Reluctantly, Billie takes on the daunting and seemingly impossible mission. However, Daud had already plotted out how they were going to kill the Outsider, doing so using a sacred knife – the sacred knife that was originally used to kill the Outsider during the Eyeless cult’s ritual that turned him into the god that people believe him to be.

Billie is unwavering in her resolve to complete the mission, but doubts the implications and morals of her quest, constantly bouncing off Daud the possibility that perhaps the Outsider isn’t what’s evil about the Void, but the people who use the Void’s powers to no good end. Daud, however, notes that all men who touch the power of the Void use it for their own ends, and all its done is cause chaos, spilled blood, and death. He believes that even himself being endowed with such powers fated no good deed done for Karneca and that men like him don’t deserve to be, no more than Outsider.

With the qualms about morals out of the way, Billie ventures through the upper echelon of Karneca to acquire a set of keys that would gain her access to a bank vault containing the ritual blade of the Void.

Through a bit of careful planning, some hardships with guards, and a bit of spilled blood, Billie is able to make her way to the bank, infiltrate the inner security, use the keys to open the safe and acquire the double-bladed knife.

However, upon touching the weapon, the Outsider comes to Billie and informs her about his past, about how he wasn’t given a choice to become what he did, and about how Daud died on her boat while she carried out the mission to acquire the blade.

Upon successfully getting the Void weapon and returning to the Dreadful Wale, the prescience of the Outsider proved absolute; Daud had died in her absence.

Dishonored Death of the Outsider - Void Blade

Billie burned Daud’s body with her old, rickety ship. Turning the mass of splintered wood and rusted metal into an effigy for her longtime friend and mentor.

This set the stage for Billie’s final quest: to find out how to get into the heart of the Void and kill the Outsider.

She learns of a map at the archives of the Oracular sect. Using her abilities and the Void blade, Billie makes her way through the formidably well-guarded base and acquires the information she needs from Oracular Sister Lena Rosewyn. Using the archive she finds out that there’s a place beyond the norms of man; a secret location tucked away where prying eyes would nary be allowed called Shindaerey’s Peak.

Upon discovering this information, Billie is visited once more – and for a final time – by the Outsider himself. The black-eyed master of the chaos and dark arts that circulate and fester about the streets and inner sanctums of Karneca explains that Billie has a choice in how she attempts to resolve the matter involving him and the cult responsible for turning him into what he is. He stoically pleads a case of compassion and reason before setting Billie on her course and directing her toward where the two should meet face-to-face for the first and final time.

With this information, Billie tactically makes her way through the quarry of Shindaerey’s Peak, learning much about the devout cultists of the Eyeless, how they worship nothing but the pursuit of answers and the science behind the power and mysteries of the Void.

Billie then discovers that the Outsider’s sacrifice at the hands of the Eyeless was not only done so that they could discover the hidden fabric of the power that lies at the heart of the Void, but it was carried out in such a way that left the Outsider nameless. It stripped him of all that he was and all that he could have been.

Dishonored Death of the Outsider - Free The Outsider

Through the notes left by one of the cult pioneers, Malchiodi, Billie learns that it’s possible to free the Outsider by having one of the Void spirits speaking the name to the one who gives out the Outsider’s mark. In other words, the Outsider’s real name was encased in a symbol of a dead language. The Outsider would give out his mark, perhaps in hope of one day being freed by a spirit who would speak the name of the mark.

Billie is able to reach the Void after interacting with the Eye of the Dead located at the excavation site, which is identical to eye that replaced the one that was cut out of her own head. She eventually traverses to the center of the void where she finds both Daud and the Outsider. However… things are not the way she thought they would be.

The Outsider’s true form is nothing more than a scared young man, petrified partially in stone with his mouth agape in horror; he had been stuck that way for centuries.

Daud attempts to convince Billie to kill the Outsider, while Billie contemplates freeing him.

The Good Ending

In the good ending Billie manages to convince Daud to help her free the Outsider. While Daud is dead-set on killing him and ending his power-trip for good, Billie reminds Daud that at one time he took pity on her and gave her a chance when she was young. She talks Daud into saying the name of the Outsider’s mark and freeing him from his eternal imprisonment within the Void. In doing so, the Outsider is set free and turned human, while Daud crackles into a powered parade of celestial confetti. Billie returns to Karnaca while the Outsider gets to live a normal life. She remarks that the world will change, but the Outsider’s influence over the world has now ended.

Dishonored Death of the Outsider - Death

The Bad Ending

In the bad ending, Daud convinces Billy to kill the Outsider and she does so, finally bringing his reign of black magic to an end. Upon killing the Outsider, he relishes in the realization that there was no choice and gets to briefly embrace life once more only to taste his own blood and die. Daud remarks how it’s finally finished… but the old Knife of Dunwall is now trapped eternally in the Void. Billie remarks how the world will change, but killers like her won’t.


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