Dynasty Warriors 9 Gameplay Shows Off Yu Jin

Those of you who happen to like Dynasty Warriors series of games will finally be able to see more of Koei Tecmo and Omega Forces’ Dynasty Warriors 9 thanks to a new video, which features Yu Jin of Wei.

The new video comes in courtesy of a PlayStation “Live Show” at Tokyo Game Show 2017, containing fighting sequences of Wei officer Yu Jin. The gameplay footage found in the video still looks like it’s very early and is as expected, however some of the graphics, animations and other aspects of Dynasty Warriors 9 should pan out in due time.

The video footage showing Yu Jin in action can be seen right here thanks to PlayStation Japan‘s YouTube channel, but if you want to skip through the video and see a specific part timestamps sit below:

Hopefully Koei Tecmo and Omega Force will be able to add-on more to the existing design of Dynasty Warriors so that the upcoming game will look and play better than its previous installments. However, only time will tell how the finished product will be at launch.

Last but not least, if you missed out on the recent character showing that uncovers the latest officers and heroes to join Dynasty Warriors 9‘s roster, the official website depicting Guo Jia of Wei, Zhou Tai of Wu, Guan Yinping of Shu, and Sima Yi of Jin, all make an appearance on said site. With that said, we’ll likely see more characters from the five different factions to come in the near future.

Dynasty Warriors 9 is set to launch in the West sometime in early 2018 across PC, PS4 and Xbox One. As for the Japanese version, it will only launch for PS4.


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