Fallout 4 Mod Creates Executable Backups In Case Of Unwanted Updates

Do you hate it when your game automatically updates or you forget to turn off auto updates and thus, in-turn, updates your game of Fallout 4? This can be most hazardous with the implementation of the Creation Club and its bloatware, which can be countered with modder Cdante’s Fallout4.exe Auto-Backup mod.

You’ve heard about the fiasco that is the Creation Club and its ability to add more content to its store, opting to consume more space on your PC or console? If so, it has another name called bloatware, and there might or may (depending on what you think and your actions) just be a way to work around your game of Fallout 4 updating without your permission.

I say “might” for the very reason that if you download this mod your last .exe file(s) might contain the Creation Club’s bloatware features depending on the time of download. The reason that this mod “may” be useless to you is that if you don’t keep up with making proper backups the mod is rendered obsolete when Bethesda seeds a mandatory update to Fallout 4 or the Creation Club.

If you are thinking “Well, then what does this mod exactly do?” Modder Cdante takes InAComaDial999’s No More Creation Club News to the next level and allows you to activate a tool that automatically stores your different versions of Fallout4.exe files in backup folder.

In addition to the above, you will always have a backup of your executable(s) in case you unintentionally update your game via Steam. You will find your executable in a folder called “auto-backup-executable” under your Fallout 4 installation directory.

If you happen to be confused by all of the above, a more laymen explanation by GamerPoets lies below:

Lastly, Cdante has a response for those who think that this mod is irrelevant or a waste:

“Yes, I know there’s a way to use Steam in offline mode.
yes, I know it’s possible to turn off auto-update.
yes, I know that you can backup your exe files manually.


Yet there are always users who forgot to do any of those. (sometimes me included.) this mod is for them.”

The mod can be obtained by heading over to NexusMods.