FIFA 18: The Journey Story Mode Walkthrough
FIFA 18 The Journey Alex Hunter Returns

EA Sports’ FIFA 18 has the next chapter in Alex Hunter’s journey. The game lets you import your Alex Hunter from FIFA 17 and even choose your contract and your position. If you need a bit of help to find out how to get through the career mode and you need help with a walkthrough of FIFA 18: The Journey – Alex Hunter Returns, there’s one available that covers the game from start to finish.

The story mode is a lot lengthier than the last one. EA is really starting to step up the game’s production values and MKIceandFire offers gamers a visual playthrough of the game. Things start off with a few tutorials on how to play and how to control the ball and utilize some neat tricks in a street game on a court in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Check it out below.

The goal of the mini-game in FIFA 18’s The Journey is to outscore your opponent, do so by using the street tackle on defense with ‘B’ on Xbox or Circle on DualShock 4. You can perform a ground pass with ‘A’ on Xbox or ‘X’ on the DualShock, and when you’re on the offense the ‘B’ button on Xbox will shoot the ball, which is Circle on PS4.

You’ll only have a few minutes to complete the mini-game and outscore the street rats.

The trick is to keep your distance and score once they leave the net open.

Much like the previous game and Madden NFL 18’s Longshot, you’ll have choices in your responses, ranging from Balanced to Cool to Fiery.

The different responses will determine how Alex behaves on and off the pitch. You can also unlock different looks and clothes depending on how you perform and by completing objectives throughout The Journey.

You can also change your wardrobe for what Hunter wears off the field.

During the first major decision you’ll get to choose how to practice when you get back, either performing drills or going right into a practice match. If you think your skills are already tip top, hop into the the 11 vs 11 match.

FIFA 18 The Journey - Alex Hunter Practice

Once you complete the training you can then outfit Alex before doing the next segment. However, before you move on you’ll have the option to outfit Alex with traits and attributes. As you complete objectives you’ll be able to distribute skill points to improve Alex’s game.

During the interview segment you can choose to go Cool, Fiery or Balanced. The decision will determine how people view Alex – fiery responses will grow your fanbase.

During the match against Real Madrid you’ll have the choice of either playing as the entire team or simply as Alex Hunter.

During the semi-final against Real Madrid you’ll need to beat them in order to move on to the final against LA Galaxy.

During the cinematic after the game, Ronaldo will ask Alex about joining Real Madrid. You can either go off fiery by asking if they can afford you, or play it cool by asking Ronaldo to join your team, or go balanced by thanking him for the compliment.

The next segment will involve training either your shooting angles or against the goal keeper. You’ll have a a limited amount of time to score as many shots as possible; remember your performance here will determine how many skill points you unlock.

During the match against LA Galaxy in the pre-season tour, Zardes will challenge you and you can either respond cooly or by getting a bit fiery.

Beating the LA Galaxy will net you a pre-season tour championship.

FIFA 18 The Journey - Deadbeat Dad

During the cinematic it will be revealed that Alex Hunter’s race-swapped deadbeat dad will return.

You’ll then have to proceed to Chicago where another training session will take place.

The training segment will center around Alex needing to impress the manager in order to move up into a higher starting position. Train hard, train well, impress the manager.

You’ll need to practice your passing to goal, an essential strategy for scoring in more high-end bouts.

The other task is cross-passing – it’s not difficult and will upgrade quite a few of your stats if you do it successfully. Just follow the contextual directions on the pitch to complete the segment.

Your next match is against MLS in Chicago. You can complete some additional objectives for some bonus points. In the match against MLS if you get a match rating of 8.0 or higher you’ll unlock Skill Moves, and if you take at least 10 shots on the pre-season pro tour you’ll gain 10,000 follows. Winning the pre-season tournament will also net you a tribal shield in the customization department. You can also use the additional followers to unlock new hair-styles and gear for Alex.

The very first match of the Premiere League is against arsenal. Your objectives are as follows:
Score a goal in the first Premiere League match of the season
Earn at least 6 points from the first 3 Premiere League matches.

If you can manage to win you’ll advance through the season with an extra win.

During the cinematic Michael will give Alex an opportunity to join Real Madrid.

You’ll need to do some more training with an obstacle course and precision dribbling. The mini-game will require you to move through the cones and arrows as indicated on screen. For the dribbling mini-game just move through the indicated arrows between the cones – don’t worry about going through the right way you just have to pass between them.

The next match will require some keen playing skills as you start down after the half by 3 points. You’ll need to score big as Alex, impress the boss, and prove you’re worth the weight in spite from the fans.

The three bonuses for the match includes taking five shots at the keeper, impress the boss with a match score of 6.0 or higher, and attempt to win the match before the end of the period.

It’s a difficult challenge to overcome but it’s designed to put some heat on Alex, and make him eat some of that sweet and tasty humble pie.

During the post-game interview you’ll be able to choose fiery, balanced or a cool response. You can either antagonize or sympathize with the fans for what could end up being Alex’s final game for Manchester United.

During training you’ll have to to perform basic free kicks by scoring as many goals as possible. Utilize the angle and then press the ‘B’ or Circle button to determine your power.

Tactical Free Kick

Complete the volley challenge, where they’ll pass the ball and you’re tasked with scoring while the ball is traveling in your direction. It’s like a passing goal shot.

Once you’re done training there’s another cinematic with a major choice:

You will have to either choose to keep Michael on as your manager or choose to fire him.

Whatever decision you make will be a permanent one, so choose wisely.

If you do choose to fire Michael then Alex will get a call from his dad to join the LA Galaxy team, and Hunter’s career will continue on from there.

After joining the MLS’ LA Galaxy team, you’ll need to do another short training segment involving putting the ball on various targets in under a minute.

Use the ‘B’/Circle in combination with the left bumper or the left analog stick to aim the ball and hit the blue targets. If you’re having difficulty hitting some of the targets, stick to focusing on hitting the targets in front of you.

During the first game Alex will be relegated to a substitute position. Alex won’t get a shot until later into the match. You’ll have a few key goals to accomplish in order to unlock the bonuses, including getting over a 6.0 match rating, get 2 assist as a team, and win the match.

FIFA 18 Match Goals - LA Galaxy

The chapter 3 goals includes switching up Alex’s hairstyle at least one time in between games. The next goal is getting the LA Galaxy team into the MLS playoffs, and the third goal is a hidden objective.

After the match you’ll have an interview opportunity where you can choose from fiery, balanced, or cool. If you go fiery it’ll make it more about Alex and how good he is, while cool will downplay his win.

During the next training segment you’ll learn how to utilize the deep free kick mode in order to get assists off your teammates. This focuses on lob-passes over a small wooden board. Simply aim the lob at your teammates when they’re aligned with the goal.

Basic penalties is the drill segment — the objective is to knock over the small bottles of water or hit the targets in the corner of the net. Once you get done with that you’ll have to face off against the Seattle Sounders.

In the game against Seattle, you’ll be required to impress the boss with a 6.8 match rating or higher, you’ll also need to make 10 or more passes, and get to the finish line by winning the match.

As usual, there’s a post-match interview where Alex can talk about his win and you can either go the fiery route, the balanced route, or the cool route.

You r next series of training drills center around defending.

When playing on defense you’ll need to block attacking forwards and steal the ball either using a sliding tackle or your footwork to gain control of the ball.

Hold ‘A’/’X’ and then press ‘B’/Circle to slide and attack the forward.

Once you complete the drills you’ll need go up against New York City FC.

If you can eke out a win against NYC you’ll be awarded the “Man of the Match”, which should give you some big pause as to whether you want to answer the post-match interview fiery or cool. You’ll definitely gain a lot of fans if you go fiery.

Two more training drills will open up, including off-ball intermediate and off-ball advanced. These are advanced drills, where you can call for a pass and then attempt to put it in the goal.

The next match will be against Toronto. Put them in their place and score a goal or two to win. For the performance bonuses you only need to score a goal and win the match.

Alex will also learn he has a sister. He throws a man tantrum and then leaves the cafe after getting cross with his old man.

Interestingly enough, your next two drill sets will be customizable… by you.

You’ll be able to choose the two drill sets that best suit your playing ability in order to upgrade Alex’s stats.

Another short cinematic segment will play and then you’ll have to fight against the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Once you defeat them you’ll have to do some more training following a post-game interview. Tactical Crossing and Essential Crossing are on the docket.

After the, when Alex’s mom pops in to his beddy, Alex will confront his mom about why she never told him about his half sister Kim. His mom will deflect and say she was trying to protect him.

The next match will be against the Chicago Fire. Work with the team, use your skills you learned during training to beat them down and make them wish they were on fire.

There are two more drills to complete, including attacking scenarios and advanced crossing. During the party with Henry, you’ll have the choice of either staying at the party or cementing the friendship with Henry by inviting him to Alex’s sister’s game against Germany.

You’ll actually get to play as Kim Hunter, Alex’s sister.

The match requirements are a bit stiffer than Alex’s games. You’ll need to score an 8.5 match rating, you’ll need to create a chance for your team, and make the comeback and win the match. Winning with Kim will also unlock the special hidden objective for Chapter 3.

The start of Chapter 4 starts with a product placement for Coca Cola and then another cinematic in the locker room. You’ll then have to play against Seattle… again.

Beating Seattle will forward LA Galaxy to the conference semi-finals.

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