Fight Of Gods Features Jesus, Odin, Zeus And Buddha Fighting, Sadly No Muhammad

Fight of Gods

Digital Crafter and PQube Limited recently released their fighting game Fight of Gods into Early Access on Steam. The side-scrolling 2D fighter is only $7.99, but you can get it for even cheaper yet during the first week of being on sale for 40% off at only $4.79.

The game is pretty much a huge middle-finger to the politically correct religious sects, whether it be Buddhism, Christianity, or Paganism. Everyone gets theirs… except for Islam. There’s no mention at all about the Prophet Muhammad, but maybe that’s because they don’t want a bunch of a dudes with towels wrapped around their heads, carrying machetes, and threatening to behead them via a live-stream on Facebook… since, you know, banning Islamists from beheading people on Facebook Live would be “Islamaphobia” according to Social Justice Warriors.

A bunch of gamers have been asking for a parody of Muhammad, but I’m guessing Digital Crafter would like to keep their noggins atop their shoulders.

We obviously can’t have the “religion of peace” being incited to behead some artists, now can we?

Many hoped Allah would come down as a special move for Muhammad that would allow him to blow up his opponent. Sounds fitting.

Maybe some of the radicals would change their mind about allowing Muhammad in the game if the developers promised to include the option to show 99 German women in chains and burkas, surrounded about Jihadists as they come to kneel at the feet of Muhammad… you know, as a sign of showing radical Islam’s propensity for peace and tolerance? It would be like a sanitized re-enactment of what they carried out on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Germany.

Anyway, there’s a short 32 second trailer of the game in action, which you can check out below, showcasing some of the game’s fighting mechanics and Jesus beating the golden daylights out of Buddha.

Even in the YouTube comment section people are still begging for Muhammed.

The game centers around using divine, magical, celestial, and ancient powers in order to save the very fabric of existence itself. Players will be able to choose from a number of iconic religious deities and figures, along with mastering moves across various stages themed after each of the fighters on the roster. The roster currently includes Amaterasu, Anubis, Jesus, Odin, Zeus, Moses, Athena and Buddha.

You’ll be able to venture to the Garden of Eden, the Red Sea, and Mount Olympus to name but a few.

The developers have plans on amping up the roster to include a total of 12 playable gods, along with various balance updates and additional features. They plan to roll out all of the new content over the course of six to nine months, which is how long they expect to stay in Early Access.

You can check out the game right now over on the Steam store page.

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