Friday The 13th: The Game Spring Break DLC Rekindles Sexy 80’s Swimwear
Friday the 13th The Game

Illfonic and Gun Media isn’t finished with Friday The 13th: The Game. The title is consistently set to receive new content, including a Spring Break DLC pack that’s almost two seasons too late for its namesake. Nevertheless, the new pack will launch at the discounted $1.99 initially before increasing to $3.99.

MP1st spotted the news along with a sexy new trailer covering some of the retro swimwear from the era of excess. You can check out the hip-hugging bikinis for the girls and junk jostling trunks for the dudes as the counselors get a beachwear makeover in the latest DLC pack.

The trailer starts with some cool retro synthwave while the camp counselors bare their bods in their bikinis and trunks on the beach by the bonfire.

We get a variety of clips showcasing girl-butt, man-pecs, and eventually a zoom-up of a leopard print dong.

Yep, you can run around marking your territory by violating the eyes of the female camp counselors with a tight, orange and black set of speedos. Witness the glory of Chad’s  swimwear below .

It’s impressive that the animators put some extra protuberance into that front-facing pocket bulge on Chad. He’s packing heat and he ain’t afraid to slap that hotness right on top of your face.

Chad doesn’t have any time or opportunities to bask in the glory of his own body, though. Jason interrupts the party and puts a nice, long, dripping wet pole right through Chad’s mouth.

Anyway, the new DLC is coming soon, but in the meantime a new patch was released to address some of the map bugs, some of the character balances, and a little bit of the matchmaking.

Friday The 13th: The Game is available right now for PS4, PC and Xbox One. The new Spring Break DLC is also set to arrive on all three platforms.


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