Galaxy Girls, Uncensored Cosmic Adventure Now Available On Nutaku
Galaxy Girls

Nutaku announced that they have managed to secure the sexy new visual novel from Dharker Studios called Galaxy Girls. The uncensored version of the game is available right now over on Nutaku for $25, giving gamers an opportunity to play it before the cut down, hacked up, and censored version arrives on other digital distribution storefronts, such as Steam.

The game’s story is pretty straightforward: you’re the captain of a ship with a crew of four delectably gorgeous crew members. Your task is to venture into deep space on a quest to save the human race. Along the way, you will have an opportunity to spy the crew mates keeping busy by exploring each other, as well as engaging in some unfettered probing into the dark side of various moons.

Galaxy Girls – Lingerie

The game doesn’t hold anything back as far as explicit content is concerned, which is why Dharker Studios wanted Galaxy Girls on Nutaku, saying in the press release…

“Bringing Galaxy Girls to Nutaku was a no-brainer. The virtual novel was truly a passion project for the team, with thrilling scenes meant to take gamers out of this world. Nutaku fosters a strong community of passionate gamers and we’re thrilled to continue this strong relationship.”

The game on Nutaku is the deluxe edition, which means you’ll be able to receive all the unreleased DLC for the standard $25 entry price. This includes the base game and new DLC that will be released every two to three months.

Keep in mind this is a full-on Yuri story, so there’s plenty of explicit girl-on-girl action with 1080p full window support and CG images. You can get a look at some of the said CG images with the launch trailer below.

Despite being a sci-fi sexy visual novel, there are actually multiple routes and endings. So there’s a measure of replayability involved, especially with the extra DLC that will add up to five additional stories to the game.

A full CG gallery will be included, along with 12 additional sexy wallpapers.

You can pick up a digital copy of Galaxy Girls right now from the NSFW Nutaku store page. Additionally, if you like butchered and censored content, you can get the safe-for-work version when it launches on Steam.


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