Here’s What Dragon Ball FighterZ Closed Beta Has To Offer

Want to know the latest information regarding Bandai Namco and Arc System Works’ Dragon Ball FighterZ? New screenshots and material have popped up detailing the fighting game and what is currently present in the closed beta and what will likely be in the full version of Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Set to release sometime in February 2018, for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, comes Dragon Ball FighterZ. If you want an early peek at what’s to come later down the line insofar that you can get an upper-hand in battles and learn how to navigate around the game’s options, new screens and info details just that.

The following information comes in by publication site ShonenGameZ and user GabTom1226 XboxDVR page. The site reveals a mode called Replay Mode, where players can view a variety of players. The full version will let you watch more videos across different channels, however in the closed beta it is said that only replays that are available are ones from the “official channel.”

In addition to the above, players can use replays to gain more knowledge on play style by seeing whether a player is button mashing or not. This act can be seen through button input displayed on screen, which is accompanied by a frame counter to measure moves, hit time and button latency.

According to the publication site, pressing the start button will bring players to a menu with many options to skim through, the feature “Customize” is one of the many. From here, players can edit their avatar, change colors, pick teams, choose stages and listen to BGM (background music).

Lobby Settings can be altered by players and includes their display name. As for other options like Screen Settings it holds toggles and sliders for subtitles and brightness, Sound Settings changes the volume output of SFX and the BGM, whereas Button Settings lets players remap buttons.

Lastly, Arena Match offers up online battles, the ability to select teams beforehand, and spectate matches. Below lies screenshots showing all of the above.

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