Here’s Why The Creation Club Won’t Allow For Big Mods Like Enderal

On the surface, Bethesda’s Creation Club sounds like something that “could” be beneficial to many. However, more and more things are surfacing to the top from its core, manifesting that it may be something entirely different from what some may have thought it to be.

Grander mods, epic creations and things thought up that would otherwise be impossible given the deadline of most Triple A (AAA) games manifest through and by modders. The Creation Club is Bethesda’s card to bypass obstacles like Sony’s policy with mods for PS4 players, who sadly cannot use them like those on PC or Xbox One, and a way to bring modders closer to the company by making rich  DLCs for Skyrim and Fallout 4 — as well as future titles.

In addition to the above, this move would allow for mods to come out on time, not to be dead while in production and offer gamers a nice plethora of mods to skim through that hold merit. While that sounds nice, a new predicament has arrived and it has a lot of people worried about the future of the Creation Club and its mods it will be receiving in the near future.

Before breaking it down, a video explains why mods like Enderal, Bruma — two mods that we covered on this very site — or Sir Bumfrey Diggles’s Fallout 4 conversion mod that changes the game to Fallout New Vegas — won’t be applicable to Creation Club. This video comes in by YouTuber YongYea.

Breaking it All Down

Okay, to break down what was shown in the video above, most mods featured on NexusMods or use a plugin format called .esp. This allows for much bigger mods and so on to be submitted much like Enderal and Bruma.

Looking over to the Creation Club, it uses a light plugin, which is called .esl that has a budget of no more than 4,000 forms/records. For a greater look into what it all means, the Horse Power Armor is 300 forms/records, meaning that you could roughly get 13 and a half Horse Power Armor before hitting the limit.

For an even deeper look, Fallout 4’s DLC Automatron takes up 50,000 forms/records. The Creation Club’s total limit for modders to mod things in via the program is said to be 4,096 forms/records.

The Road Ahead

Now Bethesda could take another route later down the line and update the whole program to flaunt a bigger capacity for noteworthy mods, but as it stands now the whole program is only good for much smaller things and not for significant or substantial mods. Maybe this is why projects like Sir Bumfrey Diggles’s Fallout 4 conversion mod did not make the cut for first-wave mods via the Creation Club.


So what does this all mean? It means that at this moment you will only see smaller mods like clothing, weapons, small fetch quests with pre-existing dialogue, and other smaller accessory stuff since it can’t actually handle bigger mods at the moment. So kiss big grander mods goodbye, because they won’t be hitting the Creation Club at this time.


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