How to boost your winning chances when gaming


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Tired of losing game upon game to your friends? As the embarrassment kicks in, have you considered ways to boost you chance of winning when gaming? It’s probably not the skill you’re lacking, assuming you play video games on a regular basis. Instead, go back to the basics. Find out how to play the game properly with the help of forums online and gamers just like you. Your poor technique could be all that’s stopping you. Just like online games, inexperienced casino gamers can find themselves losing more money than they return but Ladbrokes’ Clueless In The Casino guide can help turn your luck around. Find out how you can boost you winning chances when gaming below.

Learn the game

If you’re already familiar with gaming world, you will already be aware of how easy it is to learn a new game. Familiarise yourself with all the additional features and how to perform certain tasks before you start playing. It could be the different between winning and losing your first game against your friends!

Have a strategy

Just like needing to learn the game, you need to learn the rules to create a game strategy. You also need to learn the basics of the system you are playing the game on. Make sure you know where the buttons and what action each one performs. Beware of the consequences clicking the wrong button could have. Similarly, learn how to balance your characters defence and offense. If you focus on attacking another playing, you will be left vulnerable to an attack. In the same way, if you focus on defending you’ll never get the chance to defeat a player, making the game harder to win.

Do the unexpected

You don’t follow the crowd in real life, so why limit yourself to what you can and can’t do in gaming? Don’t move at any given chance. Usually the best gamers are the ones choose to hunt, not wait. Explore your options and weigh up what could happen in different scenarios, but be quick! Times ticking.

Take regular breaks

We might want to spend hours on end gaming but when it comes to winning, it doesn’t help us. If you lose several consecutive games and begin to feel more frustration than fun, it might be a good time to put it down. We know you have to be ‘in it to win it’ but it’s almost impossible to maintain a continuous level of focus (and skill!) for more than a couple of hours at most. Take time to do something that doesn’t require staring at a screen for at least five minutes per hour. You’ll boost your chances of winning and thank yourself from stepping back from the monitor when you do.

Seek tips and hints online

Let’s face it, we’ll probably never know how to really boost our chances of winning but that doesn’t mean we can’t pursue the idea. A lot of gamers are happy to share their strategies with you (even if they’re not your friends!) so take advantage of what others know. There are a number of guides you can read online for free with plenty of useful advice to help you perfect your performance, such as Game Spot.

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