Hunt: Showdown Won’t Have Scripted Jump-Scares
Hunt Showdown
(Last Updated On: September 10, 2017)

Crytek unveiled a new developer diary for Hunt: Showdown showcasing more of the game’s map and what they’ve worked on regarding the sandbox design in the game and how it it affects platforming, traversal, combat opportunities, and tactical awareness.

The early part of the video explains how there are different ways that players can get into and out of environments, including using explosives to blow holes in a wall, or using a hammer to break down a door, or how you can platform your way into a building.

You can check out the dev diary below to get a look at the level and some of the gameplay content.

As mentioned by senior level designer, Turgut Özbayram, Hunt: Showdown won’t have jump-scare moments. Crytek decided to craft a horror experience for players where the environment is reactive and players will need to stay aware of their surroundings to avoid succumbing to the dangers (and horrors) lurking about. This is all achieved via everything being organically implemented into the map, hence they didn’t bother wasting time scripting in pop-out baddies. Özbayram explains…

“We don’t have these scripted event jump-scare moments. So it can happen that you can open up a door and there’s a zombie behind it and it attacks you, and the next one you open it up and there’s no one inside.”

The enemy spawns can be randomized around the map, and so there’s no single one way to explore the map or overcome a specific segment every time around. A pack of zombies might be outside of a barn during one match and inside of the barn the next. It’s more about being aware of your surroundings and adapting to what’s happening around you.

They explain that no two matches will be the same because just about every aspect is randomized in the match, from the clue positions to the AI behavior, to the AI placement, to the items you have to acquire. They’re making sure that you won’t be memorizing the map and hitting each point the same way around for each playthrough.

Hunt: Showdown is looking impressive so far. Interest in the game and its momentum will depend on whether or not Crytek will attempt to e-sportirize the game or attempt to load it up on microtransactions. Too many games these days have fallen into the trap of becoming little more than a collection of industry buzzwords in a $60 package with a cash shop on top. So hopefully the game will live up to the quality that Crytek has displayed so far. It’s one of the few games on the horizon that actually looks decent.

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