Hyper Universe Devs To Censor Korean Version, Says Artwork Was Uncomfortable

Hyper Universe Censorship

[Update: Nexon has responded to requests for an SJW Mode and have declined it, saying it would negate their efforts to censor the game]

[Original article:] Cwavesoft, the developers of the new side-scrolling MOBA beat-’em-up called Hyper Universe, are censoring the Korean version of the game following on their recent act of patching the English version to censor the artwork and remove the boob physics. According to the CEO of Cwavesoft, Eundo Chae, the sexualized female character depictions made some people “uncomfortable”, and that’s why they’re making the change.

The fury and noise generated over the censorship hasn’t died down since the news spread about Hyper Universe‘s female characters getting hit with the censorship stick. The issue has become such a hot topic in the community that the developers were forced to make a public statement about the matter.

In a post over on the official Nexon website, Chae explained…

“Based on our internal review, we deemed that some of the artwork that is currently causing so much discussion was creating a hurdle for certain players, who find that type of artwork uncomfortable, stopping them from playing Hyper Universe for the first time. In other words, the art in question was harming the game’s accessibility. We decided in the middle of preparing for Early Access to change the direction of that art; the changes would also be applied to the Korean version of the game in a patch at the end of the current season, on 9/14, before the new season began. We are deeply sorry that we could not keep the content consistent, due to difficulties in managing the revisions for both the Early Access and Korean versions; we will work harder to keep the content consistent across regions in the future.”

The English version is already censored, and gamers have taken it upon themselves to distribute uncensored patches in order to restore the game to its original glory.

Nexon’s community moderators have been attempting to mitigate the rage budding over the new MOBA, which only recently entered into Early Access.

Gamers have begun fighting back against this measure by posting negative reviews on the Steam store page, as well as requesting refunds.

According to Steam Spy, nearly 29% of the peak owners after the news went live on August 31st requested a refund. The game managed to slowly climb back up, but with recurring news about censorship, there’s no telling if the game could see another drop in owners.

Nexon was fairly adamant that the game wouldn’t receive an uncensored patch, and now the developers are reiterating what the publisher has been telling the community: censorship is the way forward.

If you already have the uncensored mod you can use it for your game, but all future updates for both the English version of Hyper Universe and the Korean version will be censored in order to accommodate the sensibilities who felt that buxom and curvy women make them feel “uncomfortable”.