Hyper Universe NEGAcensored Mod Ramps Up Lewdness To Trigger SJWs

Hyper Universe NegaCensored Mod

When Nexon and Cwavesoft announced that the portraits and physics in Hyper Universe would be toned down in the English version because the large breasted women made some people “uncomfortable”, modders took time out of their day to fish through the images and restore the original content from the Korean version. However, Nexon took things a step further by announcing that Cwavesoft would be censoring the Korean version in future updates and that the content would be toned down at the source. Well, modders have retorted by making even lewder mods just to trigger Social Justice Warriors and anyone else who complained about the original female figures in Hyper Universe.

This isn’t just a rebellious mod made to be unruly and uncouth. The mod is in direct response to Nexon adamantly denying their original Hyper Universe fanbase any sort of alternative to the censored version of the game. Gamers were willing to compromise with a safe mode toggle switch so that people who wanted to play the censored version could and people who wanted to play the uncensored version could. Nexon denied them the opportunity to have a toggle switch, claiming that it would “defeat the purpose of censorship”.

So, modders have done the next best thing: make Hyper Universe even more lewd.

An artist named Rick sent over some images that you can use to replace the current images in the game, he’s calling it the NEGAcensored mod. He made the boobs slightly bigger and also added in some NSFW elements as well. You can check out the picture gallery below, but you probably won’t want to do so while you’re at work or with wife looking over your shoulder.



The NEGAcensored mod can be used to replace the PNG or TGA images in the Hyper Universe asset file by using the asset extractor.

Basically, the exact same methods you used to extract the assets and replace the censored versions of the images with the original Korean versions can work for this as well. If you need a guide on how to extract the assets you can find the walkthrough made available from King Arthur on a Steam thread.

You can download the new NEGAcensored images from the following Imgur Gallery.

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