Iron Wings For Xbox One Puts Players In Role Of Female, Black WW2 Pilots
Iron Wings

Italian development studio Naps Team has been around for a long time. You’ll probably remember them from old-school classics like Shadow Fighter and the four-player 3D fighting game on the PlayStation One known as Gekido. The team is ready to hit the market again with a new-school, arcade flight simulator set during World War II called Iron Wings. The hook for the game? There is a campaign mode featuring a fictional story about a female pilot and an “Afro-American guy” who are put into a special pilot program known as “Iron Wings”.

They announced in the press release that they developed a new real-time cutscene mechanic for Iron Wings to help tell the story, but for gamers who aren’t into the whole cutscene thing, you can disable that feature and just get straight to the action.

They also mentioned in the press release that players will be able to choose between arcade and simulation style controls to best suit their playing style. I don’t know how “arcade” like the arcade settings are or how “simulation” oriented the simulation controls are, but at least they added the option.

You can see how the planes handle and what the physics are like with the trailer below.

Okay, so you can see how the interspersion of cinematics and real-time gameplay works based on the trailer above, where it cuts between certain scenes during the actual missions. Whether or not that will add to the game will likely depend on the player.

I don’t know if Naps Team has been paying attention to what’s been going on in America, but I get the feeling that possibly going the route of including an interracial relationship between a black male and a white female pilot set during World War II probably wasn’t the wisest of ideas, especially given racial tensions taking place right now. But they’re an Italian game company so they probably weren’t entirely aware of the culture war happening in America.

Bethesda recently encounter quite the backlash in their own comment section after featuring an interracial sex scene in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus between a native African and a white female who was a former Nazi.

Anyway, for gamers who have been looking for something similar to Blazing Angels from the OG Xbox era for their Xbox One, you can look for Iron Wings to launch on October 6th.

The game will be available for $23.99 and you can learn more by checking out the Microsoft Store page.


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