Knack 2 Gameplay Walkthrough
Knack 2 Gameplay Walkthrough

Sony’s PlayStation 4 exclusive, Knack 2, has arrived on the market with very little fanfare. Nevertheless, gamers who are looking for a little help with the newest sequel, there is a gameplay walkthrough guide available.

After a short introduction cinematic, you’ll be able to choose your difficulty setting, and then hop into the game, where you can punch with Square, kick with Circle, and block with the L1 bumper. Mixing and matching punching and kicking will create new combos. You can see how to perform the basics with the gameplay walkthrough from PlayGames.

You can shrink and size up using the R1 bumper, which will allow you to squeeze through small areas and even uncover secrets, such as chests tucked away in the air duct just above the sewer access. Inside the chests you may find gadget parts, which you can use to upgrade Knack’s abilities.

Make your way through the building and climb up to the roof until you reach the zipline. Use the double jump and hover ability to get across long gaps. The hover ability can be activated after the second jump – simply hold down the ‘X’ button and Knack will briefly hover in the air. You can also dodge attacks by using the right analog stick in the direction you wish to dodge.

You can also collect the yellow crystals in order to access the sunstone barrier.

Make your way through the facility until you can collect enough relics to keep growing large.

You can also unlock new relic abilities as you progress through the game.

Knack 2 - Way of Speed Power-Up

Much like an RPG players will be able to unlock new abilities by selecting from the skill tree and accessing new abilities, such as additional combat maneuvers, defensive tactics and parry/counter moves.

There are four different skill categories to excel in, allowing you to advance in the area that best suits your play-style.

Proceed to fight the boss by using your attacks until he’s defeated, and round out the level by completing the quick-time segment.

The game will flash back to six months earlier where you’ll need to platform and progress through the various areas, battling goblins along the way.

The entire segment is fairly linear, so just follow the path and move along the platforms and pulley contraptions until you reach the top of the structure.

Once you get to the Goblin Forest you’ll learn how to teleport across areas using the blue crystal shards on the ground. Simply tap the R1 button while standing on them to transport to the next area.

Make your way through the area – you can also reflect some of the goblin archer’s attacks by pressing the block button in perfect synch with the attack to deflect the blows.

Reach the platform where it requires you to press ‘X’ and then proceed. There’s a blue glowing handle on a block. Use the block and push it over to the platform to get to the next segment. Defeat the baddies and then head into the next area. If you want some extra relics you first need to pull the switch on the right and then head past the gate and proceed to your right. It will lead you back around to the switches again. Proceed to turn small and flip the switch on the platform to your left and then quickly pull the switch on your right and run through both gates.

In the next segment you’ll also find a chest across a platform gap. Simply turn small to run through the hole to get the contents.

Continue through the forest until you finally reach the pyramids.

Proceed into the area with the pyramids and turn small and head into the tunnel until you get to the other side where there’s a block with glowing blue crystals in it. There’s a platform you can hop up on with some pots on it back near the entrance into the room. Go up the platforms and follow the path until you reach outside again where you’ll need to collect Knack’s parts. Head back inside and then pull out the block so you can get to the platform above.

In the next area, you’ll need to first make your way through the room, pull the lever, drag the blocks out of the room and then push them over to the platform in the southwest corner of the room. Head up the platform and pull the lever to open the door. Quickly hop down and push the smaller blue glowing block over to the northwest side of the room where Ryder and Lucas are located to climb up and head through the door before it closes.

Once you make it through there will be an arena fight where you’ll need to beat a bunch of goblins before you can proceed.

After the short cinematic about the statue being in the swamp, head over to the right and press the switch and hop up the protruding platforms on the wall. For the second to last platform area, leave the button alone and instead use bumper to turn big and double jump up to the next platform.

Proceed through the pyramids and keep making your way to the top. Also, don’t use the bodyslam otherwise it will keep knocking you back down the platform. Once you get to the top and complete the quick-time event it will complete the level.

Chapter 2 – 4: A Forgotten Place place will kick into gear and you’ll need to dodge goblin attacks and use the rocks nearby to throw it at the goblins.

Turn small and climb up the platform on the far left hand side of the screen.

Beat up the goblins, and keep following the path – you’ll need to shrink and get back as you move through the areas – alternating between small Knack and big Knack while punching goblins in the face.

After a short cinematic, you’ll need to fight a group of the killer attack robots. Be sure to keep your block primed and ready because they aren’t afraid to use their attacks repeatedly.

A chase sequence will ensue, where you’ll need to flee from the killer robots back down the mountain.

The following segment is mostly moving back through the windmill level on your way back down to the plane. Use the rocks to throw at the robots shooting at you from a distance by pressing Triangle. Continue to fight them on your way back down to the bottom.

Following the lengthy cinematic, Chapter 3 – 1: Running the Gauntlet will begin. Simply fight through the gauntlet of enemies.

Knack 2 – Ava

Defeat the monks and make your way through the monastery. Twin doors will open where giant rolling ball traps will be exposed. Head through the door and dodge the giant balls.

Proceed back through the gate and continue fighting more of the monks.

You’ll also learn some new attacks, including focused attacks. You can utilize the heavy punch by holding down Circle. For areas where there are rock structures, you can also use the heavy punch to destroy the rocks or boulders.

Additionally, for shielded enemies, you can use the heavy punch to break their shield and expose them to your normal attacks.

Follow the pathway through the obstacles through the monastery. Inside one of the air ducts you’ll also find an aqua relic. You’ll need to turn small to get into the duct. The open duct is located along the side of a wall where there are a few windows and one of the windows will be open.

Back inside the arena, continue to fight off the waves of enemies until you complete all the challenges.

Chapter 3 – 2: Through The Mountains takes place after the gauntlet, and picks up after another short cinematic involving the gang.

The early part of the level simply requires beating up some enemies. There are some armored bugs you’ll have to fight. Use your power punch to destroy their shell before using a normal combo to dispatch them.

Make your way into the mines. You’ll need a weight to get through the gated area.

Beat up the goblins and head over to the left of the stage and up the platforms. There are some some protruding bricks you’ll need to leap up as small Knack. Make your way around and into the gated area to collect the relics to make Knack bigger so you can lower the gate.

Once inside you’ll unlock the the Iron Knack ability and can use powerful charged iron punches to do massive damage to enemies.

Head up the platform and defeat the goblins. You’ll need to leave the iron statue behind so you can turn small and get to the top of the area. Collect the iron again and move through to the next area where you’ll need to beat up some enemies and climb up the side of the wall next to the grinder. Turn into tiny Knack after putting the iron statue on the elevator platform. Get up top and flip the switch to bring iron Knack up top with you so you can defeat the goblins.

Swing across the chasm and then put the iron statue on the pressure plate to open the gate.

Inside the room, flip the switch, move the box through the door, set the box up next to the larger platform so you can climb up top and then proceed to swing across using the whip.

After defeating the goblins, in the next area you’ll need to put the iron statue on the platform, turn small and hop up top. Flip the switch to bring the iron statue up to Knack so you can absorb the pieces and use the whip to swing across.

In the next segment, you’ll need to climb up the platform, defeat the two goblins and there will be a blue teleport shard that’s blocked by a door. Go over to your left and turn into small Knack. Climb up the platform and absorb the iron.

Head back down and place the iron statue on the pressure plate to open the door and then proceed to use the blue shard to teleport.

This will lead into Chapter 3 – 3: The Frozen Mine. You’ll have to make your way through the miner area and inside where a number of weight-activated platforms are located. The puzzle in the next room with the closed door will require you to to grow big in order to open the door. Move through the obstacles to acquire more relics and make Knack big enough so he can finally open the door. Once you reach 13 feet, use the teleporter to go back to the door and then walk up to the door and press Square to open it.

Access the Ice Knack powers and proceed to beat the crap out of everything in your path. You’ll reach a frozen gate up ahead guarded by a troll with a fire club. Defeat the troll and then climb up the platform and break the ice around the switch. Turn the switch so that the frozen gate can be opened. Once the gate is open, make sure you’ve absorbed the ice and hold down Square to use the ice breath to freeze the switch to keep the gate open so you can get through.

For the platform puzzle with the weighted platforms where there are four platforms and you have to get up to a conveyor blocked by giant icicles. You’ll have to set down an ice statue on the platform on the far left, and then turn medium sized and use the double jump to get up to the other platforms and finally to the conveyor belt blocked by the icicle.

Once you complete the puzzle and move through the area where the bridge is out, it will take you to Chapter 3 – 4: Scars of War.

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