Lust For Darkness, Erotic Thriller Combines Eyes Wide Shut With Lovecraftian Horror
Lust For Darkness

An upcoming game called Lust For Darkness has a playable demo available, featuring a small vertical slice from the upcoming psychological horror game from PlayWay. It’s currently going through the crowdsourcing phase over on Kickstarter, where the developers are looking for $6,500 to bring the game to life. They’ve already surpassed $26,000 in crowdfunding and they still have 12 days to go.

The game is a psycho-sexual thriller themed around the Lovecraftian mythos, dealing with a young woman who is kidnapped and brought to a creepy mansion.

During the 23 minute gameplay demo, we get to see some of the atmosphere and graphics that the developers are working with, along with some of the occult themes interlaced throughout. You can check out the gameplay video below, courtesy of Game Zine.

Gameplay wise, Lust For Darkness is a typical first-person adventure game. You use the point-and-click style interface to interact with the environment, as well as 3D examination for various items and context-sensitive objects.

If you’ve played other first-person adventure or horror games, like Observer or Slender Man or Nancy Drew, you’ll be right at home with what PlayWay is doing with Lust For Darkness.

Lust For Darkness Promo Art

One thing that absolutely stands out is that the game’s thematic visuals really seem to hinge on an unsettling depiction of erotic colors and decorative accouterments. This is made especially clear as you journey from out of the basement and into an archaic sex-lounge of sorts. It’s as tantalizing as it is terrifying.

Brown and burgundy hues accentuate the lavishly designed environments while adult toys and BDSM devices adorn the walls and room.

The game also relishes in the uneasy style of being a visual appetizer to Stanley Kubrick’s cinematographic entré that is Eyes Wide Shut. This rings especially true in the second half of the demo that kicks into play, where players take on the role of the husband in search of his wife,  examining and exploring the cultists’ mansion. The connection to Kubrick’s film rings loud and clear during the sacrificial orgy, in case you missed the clues while watching the video.

The game may be rather slow paced and centers more around exploration and environmental examination, but it definitely feels like a proper horror-thriller.

Lust For Darkness

The promise of Lovecraftian-themes fused with traditional point-and-click gameplay is one thing, but the whole erotic nature and overtones of the game really sets it apart from so many other titles on the market or coming to the market. And this isn’t some SJW-approved erotic thriller stuff… this is definitely more of a darker nature, the kind of fiction that’s usually relegated to indie flicks and novellas.

The over-arching story about a guy’s wife who gets kidnapped, raped, and joins up with a Cthulhu cult is also pretty brazen for a game in [current year].

However, like most adventure games, there are also puzzles to solve and clues to unearth. So it’s not all just aimless wandering around beautifully rendered environments.

Anyway, the game’s obvious inspirations from Zdzisław Beksiński’s paintings, the Victorian-era architecture, the bourgeois impressionism, and themes of grotesque excess really helps Lust For Darkness stand out, if not for its gameplay at least for its artistic and thematic content.

You can donate to the cause or learn more about Lust For Darkness by visiting the Kickstarter page.


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