Mario Kart 8 Flawless Run On Cemu Emulator
Mario Kart 8 Cemu
(Last Updated On: December 12, 2017)

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Latest updates for the well known Cemu Wii U emulator made something possible that probably most of us didn’t even think off , as this Youtube footage below proves not only Mario Kart 8 runs perfectly smooth at 60 fps but it also plays at stunning 8K resolution and that’s 36 time higher then the 720p that Wii U outputs and 16 times higher the the 1080p of the latest Switch console by Nintendo.

Back in 2015 Cemu could barely run Mario Kart 8 at all, yet now, it manages to take this game beyond it’s limits. Comparing things to the first Mario Kart games of the franchise starting back in the early ‘90es back in the 16bit SNES era things looks like a jump from the stone age era directly to landing on Mars.

The actual clip uploaded on YouTube is in fact resampled in 4k for obvious reasons as it would sure hang up on an average internet connection otherwise, yet as one can see Mario Kart plays really nice and looks truly amazing. Looking at this video I could not help but to think about how games will look and feel, say over 10 years from now, and if emulators will continue to make advancements at such rapid rates.

If you think about trying it yourself keep in mind that you really need a lot of processing power so to speak off, as the YouTuber named Will that uploaded the video runs a high end setup with an Intel I7-6700K processor backed by an Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080Ti and probably lots of RAM GBs.

Cemu latest version also added some new features that better support games such as Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze and Bayonetta 2 by including a new profile system along with a new user interface for configuring the controller and lots of other improvements were added to texture rendering and audio decoder. The gyro controls were also revisioned and a slight improvement regarding the needed RAM used by the recompiler is also mentioned inside the change log on the official website.

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