Netflix’s The Punisher Gets New Trailer While Listing Shows November 14th Air Date
The Punisher Netflix Release Date

A new 30 second teaser trailer was released for Netflix’s upcoming The Punisher television series based on the popular Marvel character. The teaser doesn’t showcase much, other than Frank Castle stabbing some marines with a knife while also using the environment to his advantage.

We see one marine step on a trap and get his side impaled, followed up with Frank stabbing the guy in the neck. We then see Frank pull off a Rambo-style kill by popping up from the leaves and stabbing another guy from behind. In between these kills we get some bodycam footage with some spastic editing that finally ends with Frank looking into the camera and saying “I’m coming for you.”

You can check out the trailer below from JoBlo’s YouTube channel.

I’m not really sure what the context is of Frank killing soldiers. The trailer does a poor job of setting up this scene, and it’s hard obviously to root for a guy killing soldiers when you don’t know why. Typically soldiers are the ones you root for, and if they’re out to do a job it’s impossible to want to see them get killed just for doing their duty. Basically, the 30 second clip made Frank look very much like the villain here.

Nevertheless, you won’t have to wait long for the series to air on Netflix because it’s due to drop this fall… November 14th to be exact.

There’s an updated listing on the page that lists the show as airing on November 14th at 1PM on Netflix.

It’s hard to get a gauge on when the release date was posted or how accurate it is or whether or not it’s just a placeholder, but it seems pretty specific. I’m also not entirely sure when the page was updated with the release date listing, but Google’s cache shows it’s been there at least since September 9th.

IMDB still just shows a general 2017 window, and previous to that the Twitter account only revealed that the show would be airing during the fall.

I’m sure the news about the release will come soon because a lot of people are actually excited about The Punisher, and many are hoping it doesn’t disappoint like every other Marvel-themed show that isn’t called Daredevil.


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