Niche Version 1.0 Guide To Learning The Basics

Want to perfect the arts of baby making? Well, with the release of Stray Fawn Studio’s Niche version 1.0 it brings the survival-strategy sim out of Early Access and makes it whole. The game is currently available to play right now for PC via Steam and GOG, and this guide aims to help newcomers understand the ropes of procreation.

Niche is a game about survival and creating genetic species that are pure and fit for all kinds of hurdles that life may throw their way. The game also focuses on the five pillars of population genetics, which happen to be genetic drift, genetic flow, mutation, natural selection, and sexual selection.

In addition to progressing forward in Niche, all knowledge is interwoven with the game-mechanics that happens to create the effect of learning by playing. But you can get a nice head start thanks to the game’s official wikia that details the following:

Upon firing the game up, you will notice that Niche is a turn-based strategy game combined with simulation and roguelike features. The game promotes the act of making your very own species of animals based on real genetics, although odds such as predators, climate change and the act of disease spreading is more than real.

To combat some of these dangers and ailments you can see a creature’s life span bar on the left-hand corner of the screen. The red is the damage they have taken, and the white is their age. To make proper action to further avoid danger you can see how many spaces a creature can cover by the gems on their chest, which have any color combination of Green, Red, Blue, Pink, and Yellow. To learn what your creature gem is simply click on the three gems found on the creature’s info tab.

Much like humans, these creatures can be assigned a rank of either Alpha, Beta or Omega. These ranks determine when creatures eat and as you would guess Alpha has the highest priority, Beta is behind Alpha and Omega always comes in last. If there isn’t enough food, the lower tier creature(s) will not eat.

One thing worth noting is that Alpha creatures can also “banish” Omega creatures. Let’s say you have a creature with a gene or trait you are not fond of and that you don’t want, you can use your Alpha creature to kick-out the useless ones if you assign them to Omega. The now banished creature free of your control will then roam about the world.

While playing the game, you may find creatures wandering around the island, which includes Rogue animals that can impregnate your creatures. Other wild creatures can steal your food and maybe kill predators and bunnies. If your curiosity has the best of you, invites can be sent to these creatures by offers of five pieces of food. You will then be able to breed with them and acquire their genetics.

A video guide by TwoPercentSkimm teaching players about the basics of Niche lies below

Niche is currently available across Steam and GOG for $16.19, which it will go back to its original price point of $17.99 come September 28th.

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