Nier: Automata Sells 2 Million Copies
Nier Automata Sales

Platinum Games and Square Enix announced that Nier: Automata managed to sell 2 million copies across physical and digital releases for the PlayStation 4 and on Steam for PC.

The news was posted up via a tweet from the official Nier Game Twitter account, where they informed the gaming community that the title had shipped and sold through 2 million copies.

Over 600,000 of those sales are attributed to Steam users, according to Steam Spy, which means the game sold 1.39 million on the PlayStation 4.

As part of the celebration of the milestone, the game was recently discounted over the weekend on Steam, marked down by 35% off so you could pick up a copy for $38.99 instead of the regular $59.99.

The game’s only DLC, which is inappropriately named 3C3C1D119440927, is not discounted but is still available for $13.99.

Nier: Automata managed to take off on the sales charts when it launched earlier this year around the same time as Horizon: Zero Dawn. Guerrilla Games’ open-world, robosaur-hunting action game managed to sell 3.4 million copies, as reported by Gosunoob. So Nier is about 1.4 million shy of tying the AAA title from Sony and Guerrilla Games… which actually isn’t all that bad.

Both games have been trounced, however, by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which is eclipsing close to 4 million units sold.

Nevertheless, Nier: Automata’s success – despite having a rather meager marketing push – was due in large part to the game’s very appealing cast of characters, its unique storytelling, and 2B’s butt… oh boy, I could write a novel about that last one.

Anyway, the sexy androids, presence of mods on PC, and the smooth gameplay on PS4 helped keep the game on the lips of gamers spreading the good word throughout the community. Positive word of mouth and the developers not folding to SJW criticisms or propaganda ploys from the media helped continue to push the game forward, long after marketing and advertisements had ceased.

It basically goes to show that games that rely on quality mechanics, good storytelling, attractive characters, and solid post-launch support can definitely find an audience.

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