Outcast – Second Contact Remake Video Explores Aliens And Actions

Outcast – Second Contact is currently in development as we speak, but publisher and developer Bigben and Appeal Studio have released a new video for their upcoming action-adventure game that explores aliens, actions and more. Outcast – Second Contact is slated to release for PC, PS4 and Xbox One this Fall.

Outcast – Second Contact is a complete remake of the cult title, putting you in the role of Cutter Slade, a tried and tested soldier, who must explore the planet Adelpha with complete freedom. As magic and science mix, you must discover exotic cities, face fierce enemies and attempt to learn the secrets of a strange yet advanced civilization.

In addition to the above, choices must be thought out carefully, because they all hold consequences and different outcomes.

Moreover, the world is described to be beautiful and also dangerous. While assuming the role of Slade, you must travel and unveil sacred portals called Daokas to travel freely around said planet to avoid dangers. This all happens right after the very start of the game, prompting a search for your crewmates and the lost terrestrial probe.

Some of the above can be seen in a new gameplay video that the devs recently published, which shows different missions, side-quests, and the local inhabitants. You can watch the video here thanks to Bigben Games.

I know the game has a ways to go before releasing to the public for consumption, but for certain the animations and voice acting need help. Given that Outcast – Second Contact is still in development, a lot can change before we see the final build… hopefully.

Speaking of a release date, no word about a specific day as to when it will hit PC, PS4 and Xbox One during this year’s Fall has surfaced. Seeing that this is just the first video in the series of gameplay trailers showing Outcast – Second Contact, we could see significant updates and more info on a release date sometime soon.

More information on Outcast – Second Contact can be found over on its Steam Page or outcastthegame.com.

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