Path of Exile 3.0.1 Patch Notes
Path of Exile 3.0.1 Patch Notes
(Last Updated On: September 11, 2017)

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The first update after the big release of “The Fall of Oriath” brings more supporter packs, some improvements and bug fixes. It’s not a big update, just some minor enhancements.

Changes to the Harbinger League

Harbingers drop currency fewer times, but with higher stacks, which results in a higher total of currency that you can earn during the league. In fact, Harbingers appear more frequently now, giving more chances to obtain the various currency stacks even if they drop a little less often. Stronger ones also seem more and look different from the weaker ones. Their skills have also been changed, such as their Flame Dash, which now brings their minions along for the ride. There’s the Storm Call-like ability that attaches to minions and moves with those minions. Also, Harbingers have new skills.

To complete the “End Game Grind” challenge, the required number of harbinger end-game maps to complete has been brought down to 50 rather than 100.

Modifications to Beachhead

The Beachhead map features a wider variety of monsters. Those defeated as part of the portal encounter won’t drop items but instead, will give experience (this has been revoked as of the next patch update, 3.0.1b and for those who use the Animate Weapon). Completing the encounter will make Obelisks shatter and drop shards, and it will award significantly more items. The whole encounter has been rebalanced and will include defeating a powerful Harbinger.

Various Bug Fixes

  • Monsters in the Harbinger league that had the Inner Treasure mod won’t drop a unique item

  • The bonuses from the Pantheon powers of the Soul of Solaris and Lunaris that should apply to Physical Damage Reduction are applied to Armor instead.

  • Some skills won’t target Kitava

  • The nopreload and noasync launch parameters cause performance problems

  • Socketing Cast While Channeling Support in The Rippling Thoughts won’t let players cast Storm Cascade

  • Tormented Spirits from the Possessed Foe Prophecy could possess Harbingers and Beachhead bosses, making them impossible to complete.

  • There’s a narrow tile on the Mesa map that players can’t go through

  • The Beachhead map won’t spawn Harbingers on non-Harbinger leagues

  • Changing maps will cause disconnections

  • Storm Call’s performance issues

  • The Prophecy “A Whispered Prayer” couldn’t be completed

  • The low-life tutorial causes a crash

Effect on POE Trading and End Notes

With the total increase of currency drops for the Harbinger League, players can earn more POE Trading as they go through the challenges. How to collect? Well, players attempt to gather pieces of the unique equipment from this league, which is more incentive to complete the challenges.

Any further improvements and fixes will get implemented in later patches, so look forward to those as well. With every patch and update, POE will continue to improve. Enjoy the new and improved game!

Summary: A recap of new additions to patch 3.0.1., including new packs, improvements to Harbinger league and Beachhead, along with multiple bug fixes.

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