Princess Serena: Raid Of Demon Legion Erotic JRPG Lands On Steam
Princess Serena

Dieselmine’s Princess Serena: Raid of Demon Legion recently launched for PC gamers over on the Steam store. The game dropped at an already cheap $3.99 price point, but during the launch week Dieselmine decided to drop the price even further with a 40% off discount, bringing the total price down to $2.39.

The pixelated JRPG adventure centers around Princess Serena, who was not allowed to leave her kingdom of Brazia. However, during a demon raid the king of Brazia was fatally wounded and it was up to Serena to venture outside of her kingdom in order to stop the demon invasion and make sure that a bunch of maidens don’t become H-scene bait.

Speaking of H-scenes… the game is rife with naughty bits of CG sequences and NSFW imagery for the cut-scenes.

There are 41 different CG images contained in the game, some of which are quite naughty, especially when coupled with the armor break system in the game.

The game is played out like any other typical pixel JRPG, with turn-based battles, leveling, and questing to be had.

And any typical fap-bait title wouldn’t be complete without being able to play dress-up, which is why there’s a paper doll system included so you can outfit each of the heroines in the “appropriate” gear that you find fitting.

Of course, there’s one major drawback to this title… maybe you can spot it in the trailer below.

Yes, the game is chock full of fun times… except for the dialogue.

Much like the complaints centering around the recently released Otome Seven Boys 2, gamers are complaining about Princess Serena’s poor English translation, which they say suffer from what seems like a Google Translate job.

Some gamers are offering to do a fan-translation if there’s enough demand, but it all depends on how much people thoroughly enjoy the erotic adventures of Serena.

For $3.99 I guess most people aren’t expecting much, save for what’s present in those CG sequences. Besides, it’s not like most people will be using their eyes to read the text on the screen anyway.

For more info on Princess Serena: Raid of Demon Legion, feel free to visit the Steam store page.


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