Randy Pitchford Explains Why Borderlands 3 Development Is Taking So Long

Randy Pitchford not too long ago took up an interview with another publication site to explain to fans about 2K Games and Gearbox’s ongoing series of Borderland games and why the third title is taking so long to make.

Common queries that you will see floating around and about regarding the next Borderlands or Borderlands 3 is “when will we see the next game?” Rightfully so, it’s been some time before fans of the action-adventure first-person looter shooter gained substantial information about said game, and there seems to be a reason behind it.

According to an interview that Pitchford took up with publication site IGN, he made mention that Borderlands is supposedly “really important” to Gearbox, and although he may love Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, it is said that he believes fans expect the next game in the series to be “really big”.

Pitchford went on to explain that if Gearbox is to make a significant leap with the franchise it will take time and that it’s “not something you can just cook up overnight.”

Using Borderlands 3 as a base comparison with the long wait time for Grand Theft Auto IV after the release of Grand Theft Auto III, Pitchford pointed out the case of Grand Theft Auto IV and the major leap forward it provided for the franchise when looking back at Grand Theft Auto III. Additionally, Pitchford seems to be fascinated by Rockstar’s approach when it comes to new titles, which he followed up and noted that fans “had to wait a while because [Rockstar] knew that’s what people wanted and expected, and they had to build it.”

Pitchford also went on to explain that “The easiest thing in the world would be for us to churn out a lot of Pre-Sequels, and we could make a lot of money,” he later said that “I think we need to figure this out and do this right. So we’re going to work on it, and when we think we’ve had it—we’re not going to announce anything until we think we have something worthy of announcing. And then we’ll set expectations on that.”

With over 90 percent of the studio working on Borderlands 3 the only thing that Pitchford wants gamers and fans alike to expect while the forthcoming game is in development is “man, it’d be nice if there was another game, and I hope Gearbox is working on it.”

There you have it, the next Borderlands will have a similar leap like GTA III evolving into GTA IV. Until then we will have to wait for more information to come out to see just how big of a leap the next title will take in the ongoing series.

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